Sunday, June 6, 2010

Talk Show Host Claims David Su and Lee McGroarty under 5% in 42nd.

On Friday, we posted a story about how 42nd Congressional candidate Phil Liberatore and his supporters have been publicly stating that Liberatore is "winning" in polls or that the polls are "tight." We wondered why Liberatore wasn't posting the results in an effort to win over David Su and Lee McGroarty supporters who want to defeat Rep. Gary Miller.

Liberatore still hasn't released any polls but his supporters are trying to make it seem like Su and McGroarty have no shot.

Rick Amato, who hosts the Rick Amato Show in San Diego, has posted the following in regards to Phil Liberatore.

"UPDATE: The latest internal polling numbers show Liberatore and Miller neck and neck. There is a risk that unless one of the other candidates drop out (other candidates polling at less than 5% of the vote) sadly they could be responsible for sending Miller back to Washington."

Amato uses the word "candidates," so he is implying that McGroarty and Su are under 5%. But for all we know Liberatore could be at 6%.

If Liberatore was winning, or with in a few points, they would release the poll because gaining an extra point or two from Su and/or McGroarty would be all he needed.

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  1. McGroarty may be more dangerous than you think. At an open forum "get out the vote" event this afternoon down in Anaheim, Marc Harris refused to let Lee McGroarty speak. He did however provide ample opportunity to Phil Liberatore. Harris may have publicly endorsed Liberatore, but to deny the rest of the Tea Party Patriots in attendance the opportunity to make up their minds for themselves...shameful. This blatant attempt on his part to censor free and open debate would have our founding fathers rolling over in their graves. Harris is a wolf in sheep's clothing and he needs to be exposed. I am a true Tea Party Patriot and I denounce Marc Harris and all other usurpers of the good will and patriotism spawned by our movement. I call for his immediate apology to the McGroarty camp and his removal from a position of authority in the North Orange County Conservative Coalition!