Sunday, June 6, 2010

Letter from David Su to Constituents of 42nd District

42nd Congressional candidate David Su emailed us a letter that he wanted us to post. It is addressed "to the Constituents of the 42nd CD."

To the Constituents of the 42nd CD.

Hello everyone! So there are 2 days left before the primaries and I just wanted to say that it has certainly been a humbling experience for me as I am embarking on this journey all the way to the finish line. I never would’ve imagined of even getting to this point yet alone having the privilege to even run for Congress. I am the youngest congressional candidate in the country right now. I know in certain countries you wouldn’t even be able to run a company yet alone get into politics at my age. This clearly depicts what a great nation we live in, a nation where we are allowed to express our opinions, concerns, and ideas in any shape or form without the fear of persecution or tyranny. This great nation was founded upon the principles of our fore founding fathers which fought a tyrant 3000 miles away in order to secure a birth of a great nation, so people may live free to pursue their own version of happiness without the impediment of government. I know this country has given me all the opportunities and possibilities, something no other country in the world could offer. I know that I have a great deep genuine love for America and she is currently being destroyed from within. I feel that the leaders in Washington aren’t listening and playing politics as usual which will eventually lead America to destruction. I know we cannot afford adding more deficit; to our current $13 trillion dollar debt that we are facing. I know people are losing their jobs, people are losing their savings, people are wondering how they are going to take care of their families, (especially the 99ers) and all that hope and change platform that President Barack Obama ran on during his campaign, is flickering away, like a candle flame ready to burn out. People are losing hope and America is screaming for leadership. I know the conservatives in this country can lead and has proven that before in the past. However in this current time of crisis our nation is facing, the only party that has that capability has lost all accountability, responsibility, and trust with its own base and with the American people.

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Now, I am currently aware of all this mud slinging that’s been happening between my opponents Lee McGroaty, Phil Liberatore, and Congressman Gary Miller. Honestly, I think what they are doing is a disservice to the constituents of the 42nd Congressional District and to American citizens everywhere. In this time, of crisis where America is fighting a war on two fronts, America currently facing the greatest environmental disaster in the history of our nation, with two countries in South East Asia on the verge of going to war, with unemployment at an all time high, with our education system in crisis and students being short changed, citizens don’t have time for these antics of bickering amongst each other. What they are looking for are leaders that can offer solutions. What they are looking for are leaders who will take a pro-active approach to improve the quality of life for all Americans. These are serious times, and we need a serious person who’s actually going to give a damn about what’s going on in this country and to Americans not only in the 42nd CD, but all across America. I want everyone to reflect before they make a decision come June 8th. I want everyone to ask themselves which candidate can you trust? Which candidate do you believe in to get the job done? Which candidate is the one that’s been focusing on the issues and putting Americans first? Which candidate has offered the most detail plan on what they want to accomplish when they get elected. And finally, you must ask yourself which candidate has displayed the most courage, the most determination, the will and the American spirit to stand up for what is right.

You must ask yourself these questions because it is vital in our fight for individual liberty and for our fight to restore the trust of the American people not only for democracy, but for the Republican Party. It is time and now more than ever for good people to step up, for America is asking upon you to answer the call. I am speaking for good hearted Republicans everywhere who are running, running to make a difference, running to fight for those who have no voice, and running to genuinely serve the people. Now, to those who are candidates and incumbents, remember if you are running for all the right reasons, you do not stand alone. Stand firm, steadfast, and run with sheer passion, with the strength of conviction and you will prevail.

For God, For the People, For Country!

David Su
Candidate for US Congress 42nd CD, GOP


  1. I think David seems like a nice young man, and may turn out to have a good political future. His youth an inexperience though are a concern to me. It is always a noble undertaking to submit yourself to the kind of scrutiny running for a political office brings.
    By now, its no secret which candidate I support, as with most of us posters. I will echo David's call to ask those questions. In September 2009, McGroarty announced his candidacy and set up a website with detailed positions on many issues. I personally disagree with some of his ideas, but he demonstrated courage by being the first to take on a entrenched incumbent. I also believe that he saw a crisis in leadership and found a solution in challenging Miller. I watched as he courageously presented a massive amount of data regarding Miller's potentially criminal behavior. THAT IS LEADERSHIP. STANDING UP AND BEING THE LONE VOICE OF CONCERN TAKES LEADERSHIP. It is followers who then echo your cry calling for ethics investigation after the fact. It is followers who call for answers regarding military records after a journalist runs a story that has been given to every Miller opponent weeks to months earlier. It is a follower who stubbornly refuses to let the issue die when shown proof.
    With all due respect to David Su, it is also a follower who stands quietly on the sidelines refusing to call the incumbent out on THE ISSUES. Even Liberatore has recognized that there are many things in Miller's record that can't be ignored. QUESTIONS MUST ALWAYS BE ASKED OF OUR LEADERS AND THOSE LEADERS SHOULD HAVE ANSWERS.
    Miller, Liberatore, and McGroarty have all had many accusations thrown at them, but as I see it only McGroarty has shown the leadership to answer to each accusation. Apologizing when he was wrong, and fighting when he was right. THIS IS THE KIND OF LEADERSHIP I WANT IN WASHINGTON. All candidates should be thanked for their efforts, and good luck on Tuesday. My vote is for LEE MCGROARTY

  2. Poor David, feeling left out because none of the adults invited you to the party? Psst, let me let you in on a little secret... that's right, lean in close so no one else can hear, just between us... being the youngest candidate is only a good thing to anyone under 25. Anyone over 30 hears that and thinks "immature", "inexperienced", "untried and untrusted"... things like that. I think you get it. Maybe go out in the world and get a job, a real job, one where you have to pay taxes and other adult stuff like that. Then come back and tell all of us that you're like us and want to represent us. Then, maybe we'll listen to what you have to say. But until then, the only people I feel sorry for are the ones who've invested in your little political joyride. You didn't do it for them... you did it for yourself.

  3. Lucky, I apologize for the lenght of my last two posts, but hope you'll put them up.
    Today, I joined a group of McGroarty supporters to go to a "Get Out The Vote" rally hosted by The Southern California Conservative Coalition (hosted by Marc Harris) and emceed by Rick Amato. Lee had another speaking engagement first that many of us joined him at, while a few supporters went directly to the rally.
    After Lee finished his first engagement, we all drove down to the rally. On the way there, we received a call from our friends who attended early, and told us that we might not be welcome at this "open" forum because there were many Phil Liberatore supporters there.
    We met to decide our course of action. Lee told us, "I don't want to crash a private party, but I was told this is an open forum and I'm hoping to get a chance to speak." Lee finally decided, "Lets leave all the campaign signs and stuff in the cars, I will go talk to Phil and ask him if its a private party. If it is we can just quietly leave".
    As we arrived at the event we drew many stares as our vehicles had McGroarty signs on them. We arrived just as Phil was speaking. We stood polietly in the back and waited. As Phil was finishing his speech, Rick Amato took the mic and although not naming Lee directly took some shots at him. Lee not wanting to be intimidated walked closer to the stage and waited. I'm sure Phil and Rick were both aware of his presence. As Phil left the stage, Lee headed over, I assume to speak to Phil. We moved closer to the side of the stage so we could hear Lee and Phil speak.
    When we got close Lee was speaking to someone who I was told was Marc Harris, the organizer, who is also a confirmed Liberatore supporter. Lee asked for a chance to speak and was denied. As Lee began to question Marc about the "open" forum, they began to debate about various issues. Of course Marc is entitled to his candidate, just as I am entitled to mine. However, Marc then said something that floored those of us close enough to hear. He said "Well Lee, there is a rumor going around that one of Liberatore's opponents is getting PAID BY MILLER"
    At this point Lee started to lose his cool (as I think he had every right to do). "Are you accusing me of taking money from Miller?" he aggresively challenged Marc. Marc then said something to the effect of "Lee calm down, lets take a walk", at which point they walked into a building next to the stage. After about 10-15 minutes Lee came back out and told us, "Lets go". He walked over to Phil and wished him luck and said "I hoped to get a chance to speak Phil but..." and shrugged his shoulders. We then got in our cars and left.
    Firstly, to accuse his opponents of being paid by Miller should insult David Su as well as Lee. Secondly, what is Marc Harris and Phil Liberatore (who could have lobbied for Lee to speak) afraid of? The crowd was totally PRO Liberatore and Lee was still willing to try to get through to them.
    This is part of what I think is wrong with politics today. Instead of encouraging an open exchange between all candidates and the voters, many want to exclude any but their own guy. Every one who chooses, should have a chance to represent the people of this country. We owe it to them to at least hear them out and make our own decisions. If Rick Amato and Marc Harris have made their choice Phil Liberatore, they have my sympathy, but I respect their mistake. We all cry for transparancy, but too many practice exclusionary politics.
    When I first started reading this blog, I didn't think many of my posts would make it, but every single one has. I commend Lucky for that. It's a shame that the Liberatore camp doesn't trust their candidates ability to endure criticism the same way this blog does.

  4. One more comment about the rally. While Lee was inside speaking to Marc, Bill Hunt followed Phil Liberatore on the stage. He made some great comments, one of which was, ironically, how deep in debt his opponents were because they lent themselves large sums of money for the campaign. I say ironic because of the 600k Liberatore has spent trying to get elected. I'm sure Bill Hunt didn't intend to slam Phil, but if he uses that as a measuring stick against his opponents, I would hope he'd apply the same standard to Liberatore. It would be great if someone would ask him.

  5. Yesterday showed me that the Libertore campaign has reached a new low. I was at the event handing out fliers and putting up signs for Mcgroarty. I did this because I assumed it was an open forum and the people in attendance were there to learn about their options. I assumed wrong... many in the crowd could not have been more hostile and rude to me (a teenage college student). I packed my things and left before Lee showed up. I just found out now about the way Lee was treated there.

    I was hoping from the very beginning to see some of the candidates on stage debating in front of the people at least once and I'm aware that Lee called for it on more than one occasion. The thing is, Libertore and Miller are scared of Lee, that's why they won't let him speak at their events and that's why they won't be caught dead debating with him.