Sunday, June 6, 2010

42nd Republican Primary Predictions

With two days left until Election Day we welcome our readers to predict the finishing position of the four candidates in the 42nd Republican primary.

We have no prizes to offer but will post the comment name used in a story announcing who correctly guessed the finish. As a tie breaker also guess the percentage of the vote the winner will receive.


  1. 1. Miller
    2. Liberatore
    3. Su
    4. McGroarty

    Winner receives 60%

  2. Whoa! What is this? Lucky day you put Liberatore second? So if you have mis-read the anger everyone has regarding the incumbent, you too agree that Liberatore has the best chance of beating Miller?

    My predictions (giving us conservatives more credit than liberals - that is, we will come together):

    1. Liberatore (51% - 55%)
    2. Miller (45% - 49%)

    Distant last - Su and McGroarty 1% - 2% combined

    (Lucky Day - do the right thing - honor your great blog)

  3. Wow Lucky,
    I knew you'd go for Miller, but I was hoping you'd show my guy some love. Just for fun I say.
    McGroarty (wins with 37%)

    At least thats how I hope it goes

  4. I really respected your blog and thought you had some integrity, but apparently I was wrong. You know that my IP address is different that frankthetank. What you are is a real hack. You have no respect for our country. You probably have some access to some internal polls or exit polls on the absentee votes and know that I am right, so you are trying to silence me (sounds familiar to what communist do - are you a commie?) Apparently doing the same thing to frank. YOU ARE A LLLLLLLOSER, and people like you are what is wrong with our country. Shame on you and you should be embarrassed of yourself.

  5. Frank,
    To answer your question on your twitter page, Peterson lost the "Ag Commish" election.

  6. Su by default- 38%
    Miller- 36%
    Liberatore - 16%
    McGroaty - 10%


    Los Angeles County: 25%
    Orange County: 23%
    San Bernardino: 21.5%

    I think David Su could win this by a thin margin.

    I know the vote turnout sadly will be low. So sad.

  7. Miller

    Miller wins with 47%. In my unscientific opinion, I think it could be quite close, with all candidates reaching the double digits.