Thursday, June 10, 2010

Phil Liberatore Post Election Statement

Received the following statement from a Liberatore Campaign email.


My wife Dana and I want to thank everyone who came out and voted for me in this election. You will never know how much this means to me. It is a tremendous honor to have you put your faith in me and the ideas I put forward to ‘Take Back America’.

I also want to thank the hundreds of volunteers who put in precious time placing yard signs, stuffing envelopes, making phone calls and sending out all those postcards. Your enthusiasm and encouragement kept me going all those late nights and early mornings. I would also like to thank the tremendous team that served during the campaign.

While we lost this race I do believe a clear message has been sent, as the incumbent received less than 50% of the vote. I call upon Congressman Miller to take note as to how We The People voted. I am disappointed the vote was split amongst three challengers, as it is evident we had the momentum going into the final weeks. However, if I had to do it all over again I would enter the race again tomorrow.

Having walked the neighborhoods and meeting the people of our community personally was one of the richest experiences of my life. I entered this race because I have a great concern about the direction of our country. But as I walked the district meeting our neighbors and experiencing the support of the voters, I am hopeful. Please do not give up on this good fight to restore accountability, fiscal responsibility and the values this country was founded upon, they are too important. I encourage you to get involved on any and every level as our Founding Fathers envisioned a country of citizens in leadership not career politicians.

Again I want to thank all of you for your votes, supports and prayers.

May God bless you and God bless America.


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