Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lee McGroarty thanks his supporters

42nd Congressional candidate Lee McGroarty has posted the following statement on his web site.

McGroarty Thanks His Supporters
by mcgroarty4congress on

My wife Lisa and I would like to thank all our supporters for their tireless efforts and devotion to our campaign. A year ago, I felt our economy would be in dire circumstances, the incumbents would be under attack, and the country would want to move back to common sense conservative values. I was right on all three fronts.

A year later, I am so proud of our campaign. We have fought hard and have taken on the Republican establishment and a 6 term Congressman. We set out to improve the Party and to let our Congressman know that We The People are watching and we will act when you let us down.

I would also like to thank the numerous Tea Parties that endorsed my candidacy: iCaucus, the Conservative Party (California), and the SOC912 group. Also, Kelly Good, founder of the Chino Hills Tea Party has not only been courageous but is an example of what is right with those who believe in the greatness of America.

Today is June 8th and I am confident we will win. Regardless of the outcome, I will hold my head high knowing I fought an honorable race and have served the People of the 42nd District well.

Best wishes to all and God Bless!

It is in God's hands now...and in yours. Please vote for Lee McGroarty. Thank you!

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  1. One final comment from me Lucky, I'm confident that if Lee pulls this off, the 42nd will be well served by him. He has a great grasp of the specific problems this country faces and has ideas that could help solve many of them.
    Gary Miller has had 6 terms to improve things and, like many in Washington, has grown fat and lazy on the public larder. The people of the 42nd deserve better.
    I have not personally met or spoke with Phil and have only heard him speak a few times. I did not hear many orignal ideas or solutions, which is why I don't feel he'd be right for the 42nd. It also concerns me that he was willing to spend almost 3/4 of a million dollars to get elected. The kind of debt his campaign has generated will have to be paid back. If not and he can afford to drop that kind of money without a sweat, then Phil is definately out of touch with the "every man" of the 42nd he wants to represent.
    Finally, David Su, I don't think you have a real chance but I encourage you to continue with your desire to make this country better. After you have gained some more life experience then perhaps you'll be ready to represent us.
    It is a shame that we had 3 challengers to Miller, but I do feel it is everyone's right to run for public service and it is up to us, the voters, to decide. I know McGroarty has said that he asked many to run before he entered the race but they were afraid of the Miller political machine and what it would do to their careers.
    Regardless of the outcome of this race I think Miller has been exposed and if he does go on to win, might worry a bit more about what the people of this district think because of the amount of support given to his oppenents.
    Good luck to all but especially Lee McGroarty, I hope he's our representative.