Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Updated: 42nd Republican Primary Results by County

Updated: 10:07am

Orange County is the key to this race as it is home to 2/3 of the Republicans in the 42nd. It is currently Rep. Gary Miller's weakest county in the results but as long as he keeps beating Liberatore there he has this race in the bag.

Orange County

Phil Liberatore 39.2%
Lee McGroarty 10.8%
Gary Miller 47.4%
David Su 2.6%

Precincts Reporting 292 of 292

Los Angeles County

Phil Liberatore 32.5%
Lee McGroarty 7.0%
Gary Miller 55.0%
David Su 5.5%

Precincts Reporting 78 of 78

San Bernardino County

Phil Liberatore 32.8%
Lee McGroarty 14.8%
Gary Miller 49.4%
David Su 3.0%

Precincts Reporting 100 of 100

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