Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lee McGroarty comments on Election

42nd Congressional candidate Lee McGroarty left the following comment on our blog this morning. McGroaty finished third with 10.7% of the vote.

Last evening, my campaign held a celebration party at our home. Lisa and I were so pleased with the turnout. It was a chance for us to say thank you for a truly wonderful year. We couldn't have been more touched by the outpouring of love and support for the efforts of my team, my family and most importantly, my supporters.

Did we win? Absolutely. I can truly hold my head up high knowing we fought a great fight. I believed Congressman Miller needed to be challenged and our goal was to offer a choice to the people of the district. My entering the race assured that. Though I wish I could have gone head-to-head against Miller, others also stood up and challenged. That is Democracy!

As a gesture of goodwill, I will be calling each of my opponents today. For now, I tip my hat to Congressman Miller for his victory. I also applaud Phil and David for their efforts. We all won. But more importantly, the People won. This is what elections are about. In the end, it was not about us -- the candidates. In the end, it was about the People electing leaders.

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To Congressman Miller, I wish you the very best. The People need you to be a leader for them, not yourself. If you see potential conflicts, run the other way. Make a real difference in people's lives. Otherwise, you know full well I will be watching.

For Phil and David, whatever you decide to do in the future, please know that I respect your decision for running and wish you the very best.

As for me??? I'm taking a few weeks off to think about whether politics is in my future. For now, I will get some needed sleep.

To Lucky Day, you've been a royal pain in the A$$. Yet, you were also the one place my team could go for information. I'm happy to say that I stayed far away from your site for several months (the daggers hit hard a few times!)

Though I felt you were a Miller site (still do), I commend your willingness to post our ideas and counter arguments. For that, you served a worthy purpose.

For those who have followed this race closely, I really appreciated your comments and activity. Democracy takes work and we need good people to stand up and make a difference. Thank you.

Best wishes to all. I appreciated the opportunity to serve!

Lee McGroarty



  1. We all win? No, Lee, we all lose. Had we been able to unite behind the candidate with the best chance to win, Gary Miller would have signed his last corrupt earmark. Look at the numbers: a vote for McGroarty and Su was a vote for Miller. It's a shame...

  2. I think we can save a lot of time in these elections in the future then. Lets just take the state tax returns and make the governor the guy who has the most money. We can continue to fill the spots all the way down. Of course we might have to have an election to decide the ranking order of the state offices. Hearst, you are assuming that 100% of the votes that went to Lee and David would have gone to Phil. I don't think mine would have, and I can't speak for others. Liberatore never impressed me with his grasp of the issues, he seemed to echo the standard rhetoric with no real depth behind it. Of course, my opinion, but that is what all votes are.