Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Updated: 42nd Republican Primary Combined Results from State

All three counties in the 42nd have finally submitted their results to the State so we have our first combined totals. We will update these totals as well as our post with the county totals. Miller is around 50%.

Updated: 10:04am

Phil Liberatore 37.2%
Lee McGroarty 10.7%
Gary Miller 49.0%
David Su 3.1%

Precincts Reporting 100% (470 of 470)

1 comment:

  1. i think its interesting that Rep. Miller still pulled in over 50%. It would be more fascinating if he was around 45%, so that the discussion could really be focused on what the result would have been if Lee and David chose to back Phil, or vice versa. In some ways, the candidates were similar (critical of some of Miller's votes), but they were different in who they were reaching out to, how they were doing it, and how aggressively they were doing it. I wound up casting my vote for Su because I was really kind of disgusted with how negative the other three candidates campaigned. Regardless, the results are what they are, and it looks like Rep. Miller has another two years to look forward to. And I do support him as my congressman.

    Lucky, thank you for all of your dedicated work and for continuously keeping us all up to date regarding this interesting campaign. I look forward to continue reading your blog.