Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Update: Lee McGroarty receives endorsement

It appears that 42nd Congressional candidate Lee McGroarty has received his first endorsement from an elected official. Chino Valley Unified School District Board Member Michael Calta posted this comment on a Daily Bulletin story about Lee.

Lee, It’s a bold move challenging an entrenched incumbent for a
Congressional seat. I applaud it. We need our elected officials to be more
responsive and remember they are one of us, elected by us to be our voice – not
just the voice of the special interests or big money donors.“We, the People”
need to matter again. You’ve got my support!

Michael Calta
Member: 2004 to Present

Yes, it is possible that this was not Mr. Calta. If so, I will fix this story.

It will be interesting to see what other endorsements Lee will receive between now and June.

UPDATE: Mr. Calta confirmed in a comment to this story that he is supporting Mr. McGroarty for Congress.

Hagman endorses Norby

According to his post on FlashReport, Assemblyman Curt Hagman has endorsed Chris Norby for Assembly.

I think Chris Norby will be a fighter for Republican principles. During
this break from the legislature I hear more and more how people are mad.
While they are mad at Obamacare and tax increases, they are also mad at the
Republican Party.

Norby understands that frustration and I will never have to worry about
him voting for big government or a tax increase. He gets that. Chris Norby is a
grassroots Republican. I may not agree with him on every issue, but we need more fighters from the grassroots in Sacramento.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sen. Bob Huff's End of Session Legislative Update

From Sen. Bob Huff,

I’m pleased to announce that four pieces of my legislation were signed by Governor Schwarzenegger this month.

Senate Bill 136 provides for the sale of state property that is no longer needed. By getting unused and not needed property back in the private sector, we save maintenance costs, score new taxes, and in many cases, facilitate new private sector jobs.

The second bill, Senate Bill 548, is a measure that helps protect veterans from fraud and abuse. Under California’s Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE) program, state related projects are required to use certified disabled veterans for a portion of the work. Unfortunately, in all too many cases, once a veteran has been worked into a contract to meet the state’s requirements, contractors do not award the agreed-upon jobs. Worse yet, some contractors use veterans’ services on a project but do not pay them for their hard work. Senate Bill 548 will make certain that when a contractor hires a disabled veteran, they are awarded both the agreed upon work and pay.

Senate Bill 598 allows a drunk driver who has lost his driver's license, and who voluntarily installs an ignition interlock device (IID) to apply for a restricted license at an earlier time. An IID disables a car ignition if alcohol is detected. Many convicted drunks, needing transportation for work and family duties, drive without a license. By providing an alternative that legally allows them to drive, while ensuring they don't drive drunk, lives will be saved. Additionally, those who use these interlock devices, have a much better track record of not re-offending.

I applaud the Governor’s efforts in proactively fighting drunk driving and joined Governor Schwarzenegger and many leaders in the law enforcement community at a press conference and bill signing ceremony to highlight this important measure.

Also in attendance was Assemblyman Mike Feuer, who authored a companion piece of legislation that creates a mandatory ignition interlock device for first time drunk drivers through a pilot program in four California counties, including Los Angeles County.

Lastly, jointly authored by myself and Senator Romero, SB 680 gives parents and students more quality public school options beyond their home district. Traditionally, students are bound to their neighborhood schools that may or may not meet their individual needs. Confronted with this, parents who are able have put their children in private schools or home schools. The District of Choice program creates opportunities for parents to keep their children in public schools, and also creates a healthy competition for schools to implement innovative education programs to attract and keep their students.

It is an honor to have authored these measures.

42nd Congressional FEC Update

The FEC filings through September were due by last Friday. The totals for the 42nd Republican primary were as expected, Congressman Gary Miller led the fundraising.

Miller raised $30,900 for a total this year of $155,425. He spent $27,461.98 this quarter. His cash on hand is $906,953.57.

Challenger Lee McGroarty raised $5100 in his first quarter as a candidate. However, it should be noted that one person donated $2400 for the primary and $2400 for the general election.

The McGroarty campaign shows no money spent but $9427.47 in debt. The explanation given for the debt is "administrative/salary/overhead:campaign events and supplies."

It is odd that these types of expenses are listed as debt and not itemized as required by law. Usually candidates list the expense, and then list it as debt if there is not enough cash on hand. Expenses including salary, administrative costs and events are suppose to be itemized if over $200. That way citizens know where the money is going.

I wouldn't be surprised to see an FEC letter go out in the next few days asking him to explain it. McGroarty is new to politics, so these types of mistakes are probably to be expected by the campaign as they learn election law.