Friday, June 11, 2010

Rep. Tom McClintock responds to Phil Liberatore allegation, says he "should know better"

On Wednesday night on the Rick Amato show, Phil Liberatore and Amato claimed that Rep. Gary Miller had used a 2008 endorsement from Rep. Tom McClintock. Amato said that Miller sent out an email that said that Rep. Tom McClintock endorsed Miller. Amato said that the endorsement was from "two years ago," but didn't say why he thought that. Liberatore agreed with Amato.

Today we received the following comment from Rep. Tom McClintock stating that he did endorse Miller.

Statement from Rep. Tom McClintock: "The claim that Gary Miller improperly claimed my endorsement in the 2010 Republican primary is absolutely and completely false, and the people making it should know better. I enthusiastically support Gary Miller's candidacy and was proud to endorse him in the recent primary. On the floor of the House of Representatives I have seen first hand -- day in and day out -- his devotion to taxpayers and to the conservative cause and I could not possibly be stronger in my respect and support of him."


  1. This Rick Amato really needs to be taken to task. I posted a few days before the election how he lied and claimed the ICaucus endorsement of Lee was in question. Now he lies again and claims McClintock's endorsement was false. The real liar around here seems like Rick Amato. I know he was a big supporter of Liberatore, but Phil might want to distance himself from this guy.

  2. Dennis,
    You should listen to the first hour of Wednesday nights Amato show. While talking to Phil he talked about Sundays Tea Party event and the icaucus.

  3. O.K. I have been silent long enough. Let’s put this in proper perspective as well as tell the truth. I listened to Phil Liberatore on the Rick Amato Radio Show twice and heard things that are just not true and extremely amateurish.
    Lie #1:
    The audacity of Phil and Rick to publicly use accusations that Gary Miller’s campaign killed his dogs and threatened his family. You owe Gary Miller and the public an apology. The dog on Gary’s flier happens to belong to the photographer.
    Lie #2:
    The day after your lost Phil, you stated that you had not heard from any of your opponents but Lee indicated on Three Corners, that he had put out calls to all three.
    Lie #3:
    Rick & Phil discussed that Gary Miller was falsely using Tom McClintock as an endorser. Tom McClintock has reported on the Three Corners blog, that he in fact had endorsed/supported Gary Miller in this current campaign.
    When asked about the 75 law suits on air with Rick and Phil, their response was something like, “Oh, it’s just the Miller camp calling” and blew off the question as though it was unimportant. . Phil has said that he has never “been convicted of tax fraud by the IRS”…. Miller is right; he settled the case before it got to that point!
    Lie #5:
    Fourth Book? What is the name of your third book? And who really wrote those books, Phil? I happen to know you don’t even know how to use a computer, let alone e-mail, not even sure if you know how to get on the internet. But we know you surround yourself with “smart people”.

    Beyond the Radio Shame, I mean Show:

    Claimed that the I Caucus endorsement for Lee was in question. No it wasn’t. Phil’s campaign with the help from Marc Harris, Coordinator 912 West & Orange County TEA Party Coalition, instead put pressure on two tea party groups to endorse Phil rather than Lee. Again between Rick, Phil and Marc, this crosses the line. This could jeopardize the future of the tea party movement.
    My sources say that two tea parties and other candidates were accused of taking bribes from the Miller camp, in order to stay in the race and take votes away from Phil. Again another accusation that doesn’t sound ethical, appearing to come from the Liberatore camp.
    Phil, you claim to have “Principles and Core Values” and “Stuck to the issues”. I never saw you debate. Your campaign staff did all the talking for you. I still don’t know what you have to say other than the mailers which were written by someone else.
    How about those polls that you and everyone were seeing? I know for a fact that you did polls, because I received them at my home. If you were so ahead, why didn’t you post them for all to see, rather than just make innuendoes?
    Then there was that little mix up about Chuck Smith supporting you. Of course, technically you didn’t say that. But you put his photo along with three others that were supporting you, so to the common voter, they would believe Chuck supported you. Just like McClintock, Chuck felt the need to write in to validate his position.

    As a minister and businessman, you sure appear to act more like a person, “not of faith” and very unprofessional. It is hard to grasp the truth when there are so many misleading statements and untruths. It appears that all of this was calculating and deliberate.

  4. Do you all want to know what the real shame is, as it relates to this past congressional race...selfish ambitions by someone who has remained under the radar screen..

    Al Hahn.

    Mr. Hahn saw, (through McGroarty's exposure of the facts) that congressman Miller could get knocked off in a primary.

    He saw that as an opportunity to bolster himself and his position within the republican establishment. He, after all has a history of using politics for money and power. Study his work as the LA GOP second vice chairman.

    Mr. Hahn, if he was working in the best interests of the party and people should have called Mr. McGroarty back in 2009 and assisted him in defeating Miller.

    McGroarty carefully studied Miller and exposed to all of us his "dark side" and abuse of federal earmarks.

    Whether or not they financially benefited Congressman Miller, he still placed the burden on us taxpayers to fund non-profits when they could have raised their own funding through fund raisers and special events.

    The truth is, and it’s ugly, Hahn used Phil and played him like a stringed instrument….all for his own benefit. Phil is out a lot of money, the Washington elite hold their positions and beliefs and we the average hard working “Joe” and “Josephine” loose our voice, again.