Saturday, February 27, 2010

James Gerbus out of 72nd race? Su out of 42nd race?

This past Thursday was the deadline to file signatures in-lieu (SIL) with County Registrar of Voters. Each signature a candidate receives on these forms lowers the cost of the filing fee required to run for office. While not required, most candidates pick up these forms to not only make their fees cheaper, but to send a message about their support in a district.

There were two candidates in the Three Corners Region that did not return their forms by Thursday. This is a good indication of who may be getting out of a race.

James Gerbus was issued SIL forms for the 72nd Assembly Republican primary on January 8, the first week the forms were available, but never returned them. He was also issued SIL's during the Special Election in which Chris Norby won the Republican nomination, but didn't return those either. So it wouldn't be surprising if he has decided once again not to run for the Assembly. Gerbus, so far, is the only Republican to give any indication of a run against Norby for the Republican nomination. He has not filed any campaign finance paperwork with the California Secretary of State or created a campaign web site.

David Su was issued SIL forms for the 42nd Congressional Republican primary on January 8, but didn't return them. Su has made appearance's at the City Council meetings of Diamond Bar and Chino Hills stating that he was thinking about running against Rep. Gary Miller in the Republican primary. He has not filed any campaign paperwork with the FEC or set up a campaign web site.

Only time will tell if these candidates are in or out, but chances are that they are out.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Norma Torres Draws Republican Challenger

Assemblywoman Norma Torres has drawn a Republican challenger. Ray Moors, owner of Joey's B-B-Q, pulled nomination papers today from the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters. Filing these nomination papers would place Moors on the June primary ballot.

Torres has not yet pulled nomination papers but she is expected to seek re-election. Her most recent campaign finance reports showed Torres had about $150,000 cash on hand. If able to raise funds Moors could be a very competitive challenger for Torres.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Liberatore Launches Online Campaign Ad

The campaign of 42nd Congressional candidate Philip Liberatore has launched an online campaign ad. Titled, "Real Solutions for Real People," it runs nearly 3 minutes and introduces Liberatore, his reasons for running and his qualifications.

Liberatore is seeking the Republican nomination for the 42nd Congressional seat. He faces Rep. Gary Miller, David Su and Lee McGroarty.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Top Political Facebook Pages from Three Corners Area

Below are the top Facebook State and Federal political pages for the Three Corners area, as of tonight.

1. Bob Huff, currently 1,431 friends
2. Curt Hagman, currently 782 friends
3. Liberatore for Congress 42nd District CA, 320 fans
4. Chris Norby, 239 friends
5. Gary Miller, 160 fans (Note: Doesn't appear to be controlled by Miller)
6. Earl De Vries, 144 friends
7. The Next Generation for Phil Liberatore, 139 members
8. Norma Torres for California State Assembly, 98 members (Note: Doesn't appear to be controlled by Torres)
9. Jane Rands Green for State Assembly, 93 members
10. Recall Bob Huff, 25 members
11. Lee McGroarty for Congress, 17 fans

I searched for all active candidates but if I missed one please let me know and I will add it.