Friday, April 2, 2010

Lee McGroarty comments on $5700 paid to Erik Brown

On Tuesday we posted that 42nd Congressional candidate Lee McGroarty had paid Erik Brown $5700 during the 4th quarter of 2009 for services to his campaign. Brown is the owner of Dynamic Marketing Inc. He received media attention this week for seeking reimbursement from the Republican National Committee for nearly $2000 spent at a sex themed club.

The McGroarty campaign has now put out a statement.

Due to recent revelations regarding Erik Brown and DMI Direct, the McGroarty for Congress Campaign feels it is necessary to comment on the short relationship the campaign had with DMI Direct last year. The campaign and DMI Direct had a working agreement from October 26th, 2009 to November 11th, 2009. During that period the McGroarty for Congress Campaign paid DMI Direct a total of $5,700 for consulting and media services. The campaign perceived the services of DMI Direct as lacking and brought into question the business practices and integrity of DMI Direct and Erik Brown. Soon after these questions were risen, both parties agreed to terminate the working agreement.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

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Liberatore Appeal Denied

42nd Congressional Candidate Phil Liberatore lost his case today to have the ballot designation, "IRS Problem Solver." We predicted yesterday that this would be the outcome.

The Judge ruled that, "IRS Problem Solver is not a valid profession, vocation or occupation."

Liberatore is challenging Rep. Gary Miller, David Su and Lee McGroarty for the Republican nomination in the 42nd Congressional district.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Liberatore Hearing Tomorrow

42nd Congressional Candidate Phil Liberatore has a hearing tomorrow at 10:30 in Sacramento about his ballot designation. Secretary of State Debra Bowen wouldn't let Liberatore use the ballot designation "IRS Problem Solver," because he used the word IRS. Liberatore sued on Monday in an effort to use the designation.

Prediction: Liberatore Loses. "IRS" cannot be used and "Problem Solver," is not a job title. This case looks straight forward. I was surprised he would waste his money on lawyers to fight this case. But maybe he is doing it to get media attention.

Problem is the only major media to pick up the story, The Hill, thinks he is suing to use "IRS Problem Solver," instead of his name, "Phil Liberatore." Hilarious.

Make sure to vote in our poll which asks if Liberatore should be able to use, "IRS Problem Solver."

Phil Liberatore Sues Secretary of State

42nd Congressional Candidate Phil Liberatore sued the Secretary of State on Monday, after the Secretary rejected Liberatore's ballot designation of "IRS Problem Solver." Liberatore also operates a business by a similar name, IRS Problem Solvers.

From the Liberatore Campaign.

When GOP congressional candidate Phil Liberatore filed to run in a GOP primary in Southern California, he thought he was facing one opponent in a race to replace incumbent Republican Congressman Gary Miller, a race Liberatore had decided to make when Miller voted in favor of the TARP bailout. However, when California's Democratic Secretary of State Deborah Bowen denied his requested ballot identification, IRS Problem Solver, Liberatore quickly realized he would have to face two opponents. On Monday, Liberatore punched back, filing a lawsuit against Bowen in state court in Sacramento demanding that he be allowed to use the name by which people in his district have come to know him.

"Like my opponent, Ms. Bowen is a career politician who doesn't want the voters to know that I battle the IRS on behalf of thousands of citizens. I am determined to beat my opponents in this race and go to Washington to fight against the IRS on behalf of taxpayers--while I'm there I will do everything to roll back the Obama health care plan and defund the 16,500 IRS agents he plans to hire to enforce it."

Liberatore filed his original request in March, asking to be designated IRS Problem Solver on the ballot for the June 8th primary election in the 42nd Congressional District which stretches across three counties from Whittier to Mission Viejo. Bowen's office rejected his request, stating that California code prohibited the use of "IRS" in ballot designations.

"For years, I have identified myself to the public and to my clients as the IRS Problem Solver because, simply stated, my occupation and vocation is solving my client's problems with the IRS," Liberatore, who is also the author of the forthcoming book "An Inside Look At the IRS," declared in his petition. "Indeed, I devote more than sixty hours per week solving my clients' IRS problems. With members of the public, prospective clients, and clients, I always identify my occupation as IRS Problem Solver."

A hearing on the matter has been scheduled for April 1st at 10:30 AM.

Liberatore is challenging Rep. Gary Miller, and two other candidates, for the Republican nomination in the 42nd Congressional district.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

42nd Candidate McGroarty paid Erik Brown $5700

Erik Brown, owner of Dynamic Marketing Inc., and the man who sought reimbursement from the Republican National Committee for nearly $2000 spent at a sex themed club has a 42nd race connection.

According to FEC filings Chino businessman Lee McGroarty, a candidate for the Republican nomination, paid DMI $5700 in the 4th quarter of 2009 for "Administrative/Salary/ Overhead: mailings," and "campaign mailings."

Several candidates for elected office including U.S. Senate candidate Assemblyman Chuck DeVore have admited using Brown's company but have severed ties since the story broke.

If the McGroarty campaign has a comment we will be happy to post it.

Lee McGroarty is challenging Rep. Gary Miller, and two others, for the Republican nomination in the 42nd Congressional district.

Assemblywoman Torres Event April 10

From the Office of Assemblywoman Norma Torres (D-61). Yes, they spelled "Center," Centerr. Maybe the Torres staff should use spell check.

UPDATE: The Torres Office has fixed the spelling error.

Assemblymember Norma J. Torres will be walking door-to-door in your neighborhood to gather input about issues that are important to you.

Also, feel free to come and discuss your concerns at the Ganesha Park Community
Centerr at the Capitol in Your Corner event.

Saturday, April 10th 1 – 3 pm Ganesha Park Community Center 1575 N. White Ave Pomona, CA

You can contact me at my district office (909) 984-7741.

Assemblyman Hagman Bill Passes Assembly Committee

From the Office of Assemblyman Curt Hagman.

Assemblyman Hagman's Bill To Help Chino Valley Unified Passes The Assembly Education Committee

AB 1988 Exempts CVUSD From a Possible Fine of $7 Million

Sacramento- Assemblyman Curt Hagman (R- Chino Hills) is pleased to announce the passage of AB 1988 through the Assembly Education Committee. The bill saves taxpayer dollars while exempting Chino Valley Unified from a $7 Million fine.

Assembly Bill 1988 would deem Chino Valley Unified School District to have completed 180 days of instruction in the 2008-09 school year for the purposes of computing any instructional time penalty associated with the Longer Year Incentive program, as long as the district follows a list of requirements.

"This is a common sense bill. The District made a mistake and they're being properly punished for it. There is no need to further misuse taxpayer funds. I am proud that the Education Committee found it wise to put the bill through without a problem. This bill will help this district stretch their education resources during a time when they're already stretched thin" said Assemblyman Hagman.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lee McGroarty speaking at OC Federation of Republican Women meeting this Thursday

42nd Congressional Candidate Lee McGroarty is speaking at the Orange County Federation of Republican Women meeting this Thursday, April 1, at the Costa Mesa Country Club. The Country Club is located at 1701 Golf Course Drive in Costa Mesa.

Contact the McGroarty campaign for further information.

McGroarty is challenging Rep. Gary Miller, and two other challengers, for the Republican nomination in the 42nd Congressional district.

McGroarty calls bill reforming Birthright Citizenship "Unconstitutional"

42nd Congressional candidate Lee McGroarty recently updated the immigration section of his campaign web site. He removed several paragraphs discussing what to do with illegal aliens after sealing the border to allow them to stay in the country, which I call amnesty. He added several paragraphs criticizing Rep. Gary Miller for his efforts to ban children born to illegal immigrants from receiving automatic citizenship. These children are commonly referred to as "anchor babies."

According to Numbers USA there are three bills that have been introduced in Congress to reform Birthright Citizenship. Rep. Gary Miller is the sponsor of H.R. 994 the LEAVE Act, and co-sponsor of H.R. 1868.

Miller's bill has 15 co-sponsors including local Reps. John Campbell, David Dreier, Brian Bilbray, Buck McKeon and Dana Rohrabacher.

H.R. 1868, sponsored by Rep. Nathan Deal of Georgia, has 90 co-sponsors. The co-sponsors include Rep. Mike Pence (IN), who is third in House Republican leadership, and California Reps. Tom McClintock, John Campbell, Ed Royce, Darrell Issa, Dana Rohrabacher, Brian Bilbray, Ken Calvert, Duncan Hunter, Dan Lungren, Wally Herger and Buck McKeon.

McGroarty wrote, "He (Rep. Gary Miller) has sponsored what I consider to be an unconstitutional bill that would not allow citizenship to be conferred to anyone born here to parents who are here illegally. Some call these "anchor babies"."

McGroarty goes on to say, "Historically, our nation has always recognized citizenship to a person born on U.S. soil, regardless of the status of their parents. The reason we're talking about this issue is because it's become a serious problem. Yet, having a problem doesn't seem to me to be sufficient reason to start interpreting and applying the Constitution in a different fashion than we've done for hundreds of years. Political expediency is NEVER a reason to trample the Constitution."

Finally McGroarty says, "Congressman Miller is grandstanding on the wrong side of the Constitution with this bill."

George Will's column in the Daily Bulletin today (DB doesn't have the article online so I linked to Wash Post) discusses the birthright citizenship issue. Will wrote that reforming the 14th amendment would bring it "into conformity with what the authors of its text intended, and with common sense, thereby removing an incentive for illegal immigration."

Last month we did a post on the position of 42nd Congressional candidates on reforming birthright citizenship.