Thursday, June 10, 2010

David Su Post Election Comment

Former 42nd Congressional candidate David Su has posted the following comment on his campaign's Facebook page.

Hello Everyone!

As you know the primaries are over and the results are in. Congressman Gary Miller, the GOP incumbent, my opponent has retained his seat. I know many of you are disappointed, some of you are discouraged, but don’t be. I know I’m not. I am content with my results and very humbled on the journey that I had embarked on. I fought the good fight and decided to run for Congress because this country needs real change and ran with sheer passion, the strength of conviction to stand up for what I believe in. I just want to say congratulations to Congressman Gary Miller on his reelection and I will be supporting him to continue to fight for his constituents and to be a voice in Washington. Freedom is precious and I too will continue to fight, to contribute and to do what is right in improving the quality of life for all Americans.

This message is for all Americans, tax payers, and citizens everywhere. Whoever your candidate may have been, win or lose it is now time to get behind and support the official candidate in their bid to continue to fight for liberty and take America back for the people. Let’s full on support our representatives for our party and be sure to get them elected so that we may ensure our future as well as the future for many generations to come. Let’s do it with the will, the determination, and let’s show the Democrats come this fall what Republicans mean, by campaigning and supporting our candidates with the American spirit!

Thank you for everyone who has supported me financially, spiritually with prayers, with words of encouragement, and with volunteering throughout these past months. Come November, let’s take America back!

For God, For the People, For Country,
David Su
Former Candidate for US Congress, 42nd CD GOP.

1 comment:

  1. David. You were a joke. You not only embarrassed yourself, but made me and other Korean Americans look like idiots. You constantly say how you wanted to give back; give back this, give back that. Hey guess what, thousands of us are, by joining the military. I've owned 2 businesses, served in the Marine Corps, served in Iraq, worked at several fortune 500 companies, as well as had private meetings with the President and Cabinet members as an unpaid lobbyist, and I don't feel as if I would be ready to serve as a sitting congressman, yet you think you do? What qualifications do you have? What the hell have you done? As you say in your ridiculous "commercial", "No seriously?" What the hell have you done with your life that makes you think you represent me? Or my neighbors? Or anyone in our district? Have you been a member of a Union and understand their difficulties? What about the military? How about a teacher? How about a business owner? Every run a nonprofit? Work in one? How about being an employee of somewhere? Anywhere? The only thing you've done with your life so far is make Korean Americans look like fools. Thanks.

    Judging from the type of "campaign" you ran, (which was completely aimless and absolutely amateur), I wouldn't hire you to manage even ONE of my employees, and you were trying to run/represent my district? One of the only districts in California that hasn't gone completely crazy? You've got to be kidding me. You are a fool.

    The mere fact that you even decided to run shows your IMMENSE naivety, and doing such a poor job not only reflected poorly on you, but the entire Korean American community. Don't you know that when people look at you, they don't just see David, they see a representative of our community? You should be ashamed of yourself. I am. I wish you never ran, because you beclowned us.

    You didn't even file a description of yourself in the mailer! And your excuse is "oh its so expensive..." give me a break! What do you think campaigns are run on? Rainbows and unicorns? You ran this entire campaign to lose. You did this because you had nothing better to do. And in doing so, every other Asian-American candidate that comes from our district will have to over come the low standard that you've created. You were asked why you were running, and your reply was essentially, "I had nothing better to do". You claim to represent the youth and young Conservatives. It sounds like you represent idiots. I'm a young Korean American, Conservative that is ONE year older than you are. You don't represent me. You don't represent anyone but yourself you selfish, self centered, ego maniac.

    "For God, For the People, For the Country"??? What have you done for any of these? "No Seriously?" You are delusional.

    I thank God you were not nominated. As much as I dislike Gary Miller, I loathe you. Thank God we do not have the Korean version of Alvin Greene in CA-42.