Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Former Democratic Congressional Candidate titles story about OC Assembly Democratic candidates "Not one White Guy in the bunch."

Now for a "What were they thinking," story from a former Three Corners Congressional candidate.

2008 Democratic Congressional candidate Ron Shepston, who posts on Daily Kos as "CanYouBeAngryAndStillDream," today posted a story titled, "Not One White Guy in the Bunch." He describes three Democratic candidates running for the State Assembly in Orange County who are choices for DFA Grassroots All-Stars 2010. The three are Esiquio Uballe, Melissa Fox and Phu Nguyen.

Shepston never explains the title which leaves the reader wondering what he is trying to communicate. Is he saying it is bad that none of them are white guys? Who knows because he never explains it.

Uballe, who Shepston devotes most of the post to, is challenging Republican Assemblyman Chris Norby. One has to wonder if Uballe will want Shepston's support after this post.

The post has been removed but yahoo has a cached copy which I posted below. As of the time of this post Shepston has not provided an explanation on Daily Kos to the title or why his post was removed. If he does we will post it on our blog.

So, "What was he thinking," when he picked that title?

Not one white guy in the bunch

by CanYouBeAngryAndStillDream
Tue Aug 24, 2010 at 06:13:48 AM PDT
And I'm loving it.
There's something pretty exciting happening in Orange County, Ca. The top three choices for DFA Grassroots All-Stars 2010 are Esiquio Uballe Ca Assembly District 72, Melissa Fox Ca Assembly District 70 and Phu Nguyen Ca Assembly District 68.

All are great people and all will make us proud as State Representatives. They all have a great shot at winning their districts and helping California end the disastrous two-thirds rule for approving state budgets.

But let me get to the real purpose of this diary.

Follow me below.

As much as I like Melisa and Phu to win their districts I'm supporting Esiquio for DFA All-Star 2010. I've had some great conversations with Melissa and will be asking my friends in the 70th AD to vote for her in Nov. I've met and talked to Phu and think he's a great candidate. I'll be telling my friends in the 68th AD that they should vote for him in Nov

But for DFA All-Stars my vote is going to Esiquio Uballe. Won't you please help us with your Vote for Esiquio for DFA All-Star. His run up to #1 has been quick thanks to the energy of very dedicated volunteers who have been getting the word out.

Dr Uballe is the Associate Dean of Students for Students at Cal State University at Fullerton.

His biography is impressive and shows a person driven to serve. Here's a snippet. I encourage you to read the rest. Dr Uballe is someone we want serving us in Assembly.

Esiquio Ramos Uballe grew up in Austin, Texas, the youngest of eleven children in a family of migrant farm workers. Dr. Uballe was the first in his family to earn a college degree. He has spent his life helping the disadvantaged through his professional and his volunteer efforts. Esiquio has a long history of speaking to parents and children about the importance of higher education.

Why is he running?

I am running to protect California's future. The state and District 72 are held hostage by a minority of Republican legislators who oppose any social safety net and seek to serve corporate interests and those of the anti-immigrant, religious right. I will protect the middle class and workers of the state as well as those most vulnerable. We need to create good, green jobs that restore our economic vitality while providing a living wage with good benefits. We need to restore full affordable access to higher education and good job training.

Please vote for Dr Esiquio Uballe for DFA All-Star.

Monday, August 23, 2010

YouTube Channel for Assembly candidate Ray Moors

61st Republican Candidate Ray Moors has a campaign YouTube channel featuring videos including, "What Type of Republican Am I," "Education," and "Taxes."

Moors is challenging Democratic Assemblywoman Norma Torres in the November General Election.