Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The 42nd Republican Primary: Some things to watch for

Here are a few things to watch for today in the Republican primary in the 42nd Congressional district.

Orange County: More than 2/3 of registered Republicans in the 42nd live in Orange County. However, none of the four candidates live there. This is where the mail pieces from Rep. Gary Miller and Phil Liberatore will separate them from David Su and Lee McGroarty. Name id means a lot in an election.

Candidate's City: If Miller is losing Diamond Bar or Liberatore is losing Whittier, it is a bad sign of things to come for them. This is especially true for Diamond Bar. Miller has been representing the city since he started in politics. If he loses there, the race is lost.

We will be posting results and commentary on what the results mean throughout the night so please check in later tonight.

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