Friday, December 18, 2009

Congressional Prospects

A few days ago I wrote that Sen. Bob Huff was being mentioned in circles as a possible Congressional candidate if an incumbent retires and/or redistricting creates a competitive seat for a Republican. I thought I would list a few others mentioned as possible candidates for a possible Three Corners new seat or retirement of an incumbent in the next 2-6 years after reapportionment. The 2012 elections would be when the newly drawn Congressional lines would go into effect. Please remember that this is all speculation, so that is what makes it interesting. Feel free to add your thoughts.

Assemblyman Curt Hagman-His current seat includes a large portion of the current 42nd seat. In fact the 42nd contains almost all of his Assembly seat. Reapportionment will probably take the southern portion of the 42nd away and replace it with more of the Inland Empire. This would make Hagman or Sen. Bob Huff the strongest candidates for, the new 42nd when Rep. Gary Miller retires, or a competitive new western Inland Empire seat held by a Democrat.

Assemblyman Jeff Miller- Miller has earned his stripes in the Riverside County Republican Party and would be considered a favorite when fellow Corona resident Rep. Ken Calvert retires. The only question would be how much of Orange County the new district will contain. Chances are that the 44th will lose its Orange County section and move farther east. But if Orange County makes up more of the district at least one Orange County elected would make a run. Miller caused speculation about his future when he put his district office in Mission Viejo right on the border of his Assembly district. Many think that Miller suspects a future State Senate or Congressional run will involve that area of Orange County.

Assemblywoman Norma Torres- Torres is a Democratic possibility if a Republican held seat gains the entire city of Pomona. Also, Rep. Grace Napolitano's seat will probably move east and north taking in more of Torres' seat. She is in her first term in Sacramento and really hasn't made much of an impact. It was rumored that her fellow council members in Pomona were thrilled that she was elected to the State Assembly so that they no longer had to deal with her, so that might play into if they would take a shot at a higher office.

Orange County Supervisor Chris Norby- Norby is expected to win the 72nd Special Election, which makes him another strong 42nd seat candidate. It was rumored several years ago that Norby was thinking about challenging Miller in a primary, so he has definitely thought about Congress. He has recently shown that he can best the party establishment in an election, so that certainly makes him a Wild Card.

San Bernardino County Supervisor Gary Ovitt- Former Ontario Mayor Ovitt currently represents a large portion of the 42nd and Rep. Joe Baca's seat. If Miller retires or Baca's seat becomes more competitive, Ovitt would be a strong candidate. He is very well regarded in the district and has been very involved with the county Republican Party.

Former State Senator Dick Ackerman- When Rep. Chris Cox retired, Ackerman was seen as the favorite until John Campbell jumped into the race, so he has an interest in serving in Congress. Ackerman could be a possible candidate for Miller or Rep. Ed Royce's seat upon retirement. Ackerman has moved before and would probably do it again. He has represented several cities in both current districts. Reapportionment could possibly move most of Northern Orange County into one seat, making him a strong contender if Miller's home town of Diamond Bar moves into another district and Royce retires.

Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod- Her senate seat includes most of Baca's 43rd seat. She would be a strong candidate for his seat when he retires. She does have a portion of Miller's Congressional seat, but not much. With the bad blood between her and Baca it is also possible she could challenge him in 2014 when she is termed out. She could possibly tap into locally elected Latina Members of Congress who have a feud with Joe Baca and his desire to place his kids in elected offices.

Other possibles include former Senator Joe Dunn, former Assembly Members Fred Aguiar, Lynn Daucher, Todd Spitzer and Bob Pacheco, Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle and Orange County Supervisor Bill Campbell.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Local State and Federal Race Update

The campaign filing season will kick off in less than three weeks with signatures-in-lieu. Nothing has changed from my previous state and federal updates. More details are in the previous updates but I will recap.

Assembly Members Curt Hagman and Norma Torres have not yet drawn challengers that have filed intent with the state.

Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod has also not yet drawn a challenger.

Rep. Gary Miller and Businessman Lee McGroarty will be facing off in the 42nd Republican primary.

Michael Williamson is running for the Democratic nomination. Ron Shepston has not decided on trying again. Ed Chau will not be seeking the nomination and closed his FEC committee.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Assemblyman Curt Hagman Demands The Return Of Funds And An Inquiry Into Former Elected Official Unemployment Payments

From the Office of Assemblyman Hagman.

Assemblyman Curt Hagman Demands The Return Of Funds And An Inquiry Into Former Elected Official Unemployment Payments

Mike Spence (916) 319-2060

Assemblyman Curt Hagman - "The law is very clear on this issue."

Sacramento-Today, Assemblyman Curt Hagman (R-Chino Hills) requested the Accountability and Administrative Review Committee begin an investigation into the California Employment Development Department's unlawful payment of $11,250 to a former city councilman from Rosemead, CA, John Nunez, who filed the claim after losing a re-election bid in March of this year.

The California Employment Development Department approved the claim even after the city cited Unemployment Insurance Code Section 634.5 which renders elected officials ineligible for unemployment benefits.

"Becoming an elected official is something I am very proud of," said Assemblyman Hagman, "I find it disgusting a representative would repay his community by attempting to squeeze every possible dollar he can get out of the city."

Allen Wilson at Red County has more on the story.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A look ahead at 2012-Senate District 29

Yes, I know it is early but it is never too early to start talking about 2012 political races. Sen. Bob Huff should have no problem winning re-election, if he chooses to run again.

2008 Democratic nominee Joseph Lyons terminated his campaign on June 30, 2009, so we suspect he will not make another run.

Sen. Huff's name has been mentioned as a possible Congressional candidate if a Democratic seat becomes competitive because of reapportionment in the 2012 elections. Several Democratic seats could move east making them more Republican, and possibly causing Huff to move to a neighboring district that he currently represents in the state Senate. Also, Diamond Bar, his hometown, could be placed in a Democratic district.

His name is also mentioned as a possible replacement for Rep. Gary Miller or Rep. David Dreier if one retires. No one knows how the Congressional seats will look after reapportionment for the 2012 elections and either seat could represent Diamond Bar. Both may not be retiring anytime soon, but one never knows.