Monday, June 7, 2010

Phil Liberatore Email has new 42nd Poll, now he has 56%

Earlier today we posted a poll from 42nd Congressional candidate Phil Liberatore that shows him ahead of Rep. Gary Miller 27% to 21%.

I have just received an email from the Liberatore campaign that shows him ahead of Miller 56%-44%. So he gained 29% in one day, Lee McGroarty and David Su received 0%, and no one was undecided? Seems unlikely.


  1. Hey Lucky, I just received a poll from my barber, it shows Lee McGroarty leading Gary Miller 51% to 48%. Surprisingly, David Su is pulling 5% of the vote. Liberatore brings up the rear with -4%. I don't know how accurate it is, but I'm sure it's pretty close to as accurate as Phil's. My barber says his final prediction, "McGroarty wins by a hair."

  2. Frank,
    So to reply to your comment that we won't post. Your campaign decided to inflate your numbers by taking out undecideds and other candidates and recalculating the math. How is that honest?

    What happens tomorrow when Liberatore doesn't get 56%? He will look like the liar Miller has tried to portray him as.