Monday, June 7, 2010

2008 Polling in the 42nd Congressional District

In September 0f 2008 Democrat Ed Chau, who was challenging Rep. Gary Miller in the General Election, released a poll. The campaign said, "Ed Chau leads Gary Miller by 44% to 38% with 18% of the voters undecided."

On Election Day, Miller received 60.2% and Chau received 39.8%. So in a Democratic year Miller received 4% of Chau's supporters from the poll and all of the undecideds. Unlikely. It is more likely that the poll was inaccurate.


  1. 'm trying to see the relevance of this post to current events lucky...  Oh now I see.  The Liberatore campaign came out with a poll that you don't like, so know you are relating to a poll from 2 years ago with a similar claim which turned out to be false, so you are trying to make it look like the Liberatore poll might also be incorrect. Brilliant play! And I'm assuming you are doing this under the cover of journalistic integrity, because you aren't like, you know, trying to influence people or change the facts.  Remember when this blog used to talk about the issues and spent less time pointing fingers? Yeah... me neither.

  2. Then can the Liberatore campaign tell us who commissioned the poll and which polling firm they went through? They can at least show the American public that.