Saturday, January 23, 2010

Have Candidacy, Will Travel

In 2006 Louie Contreras won the Democratic nomination in the 41st district and lost to Republican Rep. Jerry Lewis in the General Election.

In 2008 he filed paper work with the FEC to seek the 43rd Democratic nomination against Democratic Congressman Joe Baca but never filed the paperwork to get on the ballot.

In 2008 he finished last in the race for La Habra City Council.

On January 4, 2010 he pulled Signatures In-Lieu papers to seek the Democratic nomination in the 42nd Congressional race. He filed them on January 19.

That same day, January 19, he pulled signatures In-Lieu papers to seek the Democratic nomination in the 40th Congressional district.

Is he just a full time candidate, moving around from district to district? One has to wonder why someone would vote for him to represent them?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday, January 20 Candidate Filing Update

List of those that have begun the filing process as of 8:00 pm today.

42nd (Gary Miller)
Gary Miller-Rep
Lee McGroarty-Rep
David Su-Rep
Philip Liberatore-Rep
Louie Contreras-Dem
Michael Williamson-Dem
Mark Lambert-Lib

State Senate
32nd (Gloria Negrete-McLeod)
Gloria Negrete-McLeod-Dem
Michael Bryant-Rep

State Assembly
60th (Curt Hagman)

61th (Norma Torres)

72nd (Norby)
Brian Lee Cross-Lib
James Gerbus-Rep

We will post an update when new candidates have pulled signatures in-lieu papers.

Congressional Candidate Su Speaks at Diamond Bar Meeting

42nd Congressional candidate David Su "introduced" himself at last nights Diamond Bar City Council meeting. Diamond Bar resident Su spoke during the public comment section of the meeting. Click on the link to watch, he spoke at 35 minutes.

Some highlights include

  • He is a recent graduate of the University of California-Riverside.
  • He decided to run after graduating from UCR because, "I felt like, you know, I wanted to get into the industry of helping people."
  • He said that he has spoken with small business leaders in Yorba Linda, Brea, Diamond Bar and Chino Hills about his plan to "provide massive tax cuts to local businesses and small businesses." The plan would include cutting all federal taxes to businesses that make $500,000 or less in gross income.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ron Shepston files 4th Quarter FEC Report

Ron Shepston recently filed his FEC report for the 42nd Congressional race which shows $45,579 in debt. He received $48 in donations and $196 in loans. He spent $637.

Shepston has not publicly announced if he will once again seek the Democratic nomination for the 42nd Congressional race, but with that amount of debt it seems doubtful. Shepston finished last in the 2008 Democratic primary.

Michael Williamson, who finished second in the 2008 42nd primary, and Louie Contreras are both seeking the Democratic nomination this year.

Michael Williamson- Immigration Fighter Part 2

A few weeks ago we did a story about Democratic Congressional candidate Michael Williamson calling himself an immigration fighter. My fellow blogger Little Neddy Knickers wondered what Williamson did to change Special Order 40, because he is a LAPD officer. The order prevents officers from asking about an individuals immigration status or contacting federal officials about an individuals status.

Mr. Williamson commented the following to our story, "This is Michael Williamson. In answer to "little neddy knickes", yes, I have spent the last 10 years opposing many policies and practices. Additionally, one might consider that my public opposition, via a website, including, my critical account of Special Order 40, put me in the administrative cross hairs of a large police system opposed to what I think. Read the assessment I wrote of Special Order 40 in my website. Then if you disagree perhaps it will be an informed disagreement."

I went to his site, to read about all of the things he did in opposition of Special Order 40. This is what I found in his immigration section.

"Do not fall for the misleading statements of candidates suddenly "talking tough" on illegal immigration issues. Michael Williamson, a front line criminal justice professional has seen the streets of Los Angeles invaded by illegal aliens who have enjoyed the sanctuary protection of Special Order 40, taxpayer paid in-state school tuition for illegal migrants, and government acceptance of the sham matricula consular identification cards from Mexico. "

Where is, "the assessment I wrote of Special Order 40"? One line is it? His contribution is that he has seen the effects of Special Order 40? How disappointing. Haven't we all seen the effects of Special Order 40, and similar orders, in our cities.

Williamson says he has spent the "last 10 years opposing many policies and practices." But the only example he cites is his campaign website. Just like a typical candidate for office. They call their candidacy the contribution to the fight of illegal immigration but show no examples until then.

I invite Mr. Williamson to tell us, via a comment, what he has specifically done to change Special Order 40. We will gladly post it.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Daily Bulletin forgets about Phil Liberatore, David Su and Michael Bryant?

The Dailly Bulletin ran an article today by Will Bigham on the political races in the Inland Empire. Problem is that they left out several candidates while focusing on others.

In covering the 32nd State Senate race they mention it will be tough to beat Senator Gloria Negrete-McLeod, her 2006 primary opponent will not challenge her and that she didn't have a 2006 general election opponent. They fail to mention that Michael Bryant of Ontario has pulled Signatures in-lieu papers to begin the process of challenging her.

The story about the 42nd Congressional race mentions both Democratic candidates, Louie Contreras and Michael Williamson, but only mentions that Lee McGroarty is challenging Congressman Gary Miller. It lists Lee McGroarty's criticisms of Miller. Phil Liberatore formed a Congressional committee with the FEC over a month ago to challenge Miller in the Republican primary. He has also began the filing process with the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters. David Su pulled Signatures in-lieu forms with the LA County Registrar about a week ago to also join the primary. Neither Liberatore or Su appear to have been given a chance to say why they are running against Miller.

I found that these candidates were running by checking with the FEC and the three county Registrar of Voters offices. One would think the Daily Bulletin would do the same. It is hard for a challenger to beat an incumbent like Negrete-McLeod or Miller. They will rely heavily on free publicity like the media. It is unfortunate that they were not featured in this article. Hopefully they will be in in future articles about these races.

Norma Torres Event in Chino

From Assemblymember Torres

Assemblymember Norma J. Torres will be walking door-to-door in your neighborhood to gather input about issues that are important to you.

In case you’re missed, come and discuss your concerns at the Chino Senior Center.

Saturday, January 23rd 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.Chino Senior Center 13170 Central Ave., Chino

You can contact me at my district office (909) 984-7741