Monday, June 7, 2010

Phil Liberatore Releases Poll that shows him Defeating Rep. Gary Miller

The Liberatore campaign has released the following press release that contains poll numbers on the 42nd Republican primary.

I noticed a couple of things that make me question the validity of the poll. First, it didn't include David Su or Lee McGroarty, which is why the undecided is so high. We wouldn't know if McGroarty or Su have 30% because they didn't ask. Second, who conducted the poll? It could have just been Liberatore staff calling. Third, who was contacted? The release doesn't say they only contacted Republicans or registered voters. It only says, "1,281 residents of the 42nd district ." Did they just call supporters? Finally, how were the questions asked? Was it a "push poll." We will find out tomorrow how accurate it is.

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Shock Poll: Congressional Candidate Phil Liberatore Takes Lead for First Time Over Six-Term Incumbent Gary Miller

WHITTIER, Calif., June 7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In what is described as the makings of the biggest political upset in California this season, political newcomer Phil Liberatore candidate for US Congress, has surged to a six-point lead over six-term incumbent Gary Miller who has in the past faced no serious opposition.

According to the poll which was conducted for the Liberatore For Congress campaign and which asked 1,281 residents of the 42nd district whom they planned to vote for among the two top contenders, Liberatore and Miller, Liberatore garnered 27 percent of the vote, Miller 21 percent while 52 percent remained undecided. It was the first time during the campaign that Liberatore has held the lead. In the previous poll conducted for the campaign, Miller led Liberatore by seven points.

The 13-point switch in voter preference followed an article in Harper's Magazine detailing Miller's mischaracterization of his military service record which forced Miller's office to issue corrections to a number of publications and an article at exposing Miller's land dealings while in office as a sitting U.S. Congressman.

"It all makes sense to me now," said Liberatore. "When Gary began to smear me in mailings and signs, I knew there was a reason he was getting so desperate. Clearly he's seeing the same polling numbers we are and it means that we are going to bring change to Washington DC. As I walk the district I hear the same thing: people are fed up with taxes, bailouts, inept government and any incumbent below 50 percent is in trouble. This shows how much people want real leadership and are fed up with incumbent's politics as usual. I represent the return to accountability and values the undecided voters want."

Incumbent Gary Miller has served the 42nd district for 12 years and entered the election year with a strong base of support but Liberatore mounted a surprisingly strong challenge: A favorite of the Tea Party movement, Liberatore received a tremendous response at a Tea Party gathering in Anaheim on the eve of Tuesday's election.

"I have a message for Gary Miller and for the voters of the 42nd district," Liberatore said upon hearing the new poll numbers. "Thank you for your 12 years of service to our district and country. But now it's time for you to step aside as I go to Washington and take our government back for 'We The People!' For the voters, especially the 52 percent who are still undecided this is my pledge: I will go Washington and represent your interests and not my own or those of outside special interests. No TARP bailout votes and no new taxes, just honest clean government, by the people, of the people and for the people."

SOURCE Phil Liberatore for Congress

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