Friday, June 11, 2010

Rep. Gary Miller comments on election

The following has been posted on the campaign web site of Rep. Gary Miller.


A Message from Congressman Miller...

I am humbled and honored for the outpouring of support I received during this past election. It was a hard fought battle—a lot of money was spent by my opponents—but my supporters and I always remained true to our core conservative values, looked past the lies and false assertions, and pressed on.

Thinking back on the election, I’m disappointed so much money was spent by Republicans to attack Republicans—and how that money could have been used to take back Congress in November or at least defeat the U.S. Senate’s most liberal member, Barbara Boxer.

But this election allowed me the opportunity to broadcast the need to lower taxes to jump start our economy, enact tougher immigration laws to stop taxpayer handouts to illegals, rebuild our crumbling roads and infrastructure, and decrease government spending.

Times are tough and voters are angry—and rightfully so. Congressional Democrats and President Obama have increased taxes, socialized our healthcare and dumped billions of taxpayer dollars to prop up union-plagued industries.

And Democrats are not done yet: amnesty for illegal immigrants and a Cap and Trade tax scheme are right around the corner.

Every day I’m fighting tooth and nail to stop them—as I believe the residents of the 42nd district expect me to do.

For at the end of the day, it’s the voters who are my employer and I am truly honored they have once again put their faith and trust in me to represent their interests in Washington.

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  1. Dear Mr. Congressman,

    It is us who are humbled, or should I say, kept in our place.

    The out pouring of support you received is because many people refuse to believe that, Congressman Gary Miller really voted for TARP (but you did), voted for the auto bailouts (but you did), voted with Barney Frank in favor of his “Housing Bill” (but you did) and let’s not forget about the “questionable earmarks” you dolled out. You broke ranks and were fiscally irresponsible.

    You said “I always remained true to our core conservative values”, those votes and many more that I have left unmentioned show a very different Congressman Miller. That simple sentence you wrote sounds good but you and your actions have rendered the words meaningless.

    The money spent to defeat you was a shame, my understanding is that personal ambitions, desire for power and greed motivated someone from LA to drive one of your opponents the way he did.

    We will help defeat Ms. Boxer, but what I would like to see you do is this, help defeat Maxine Waters and Laura Richardson. Why don’t you personally “put in a good word” to the generous PAC’s you know and direct some attention to those races?
    Show opposition to those ladies and support to the Republican candidates working hard to win those seats.

    How about this, why don’t you support Congressman Paul Ryan and his “Roadmap for America”? That has been given great write ups, even by the Congressional Budget Office.

    Bottom line, when you wrote “…the need to lower taxes to jump start our economy, enact tougher immigration laws to stop taxpayer handouts to illegals, rebuild our crumbling roads and infrastructure, and decrease government spending”, stop talking AND START DOING!

    Ronal Reagan once said, “We conservatives have not solved our problems, we have merely stated them clearly”, having reminded you of that, we are not so much angry, just sick and tired of Washington not working harder.

    You guys have “micro-legislated” yourself out of power, now get your heads out of your “laws” and get things done.

    If I was truly your employer, I would have fired you both as my Congressman and as an employee of my firm…based solely upon your past performance.

    Good luck with you election in November, I’m sure you will win. I hope this primary lit a fire under your feet, because if it didn’t….we the people still loose, again.