Thursday, June 10, 2010

Phil Liberatore comments on election; Received Death Threat, Dogs killed

Former 42nd Congressional candidate Phil Liberatore was a guest on the Rick Amato show last night.

Some of the comments;

Liberatore said that during the campaign he received a death threat and had his two dogs killed. He alleged that the day after they were killed a picture of one of the dogs appeared in a campaign mailer from Rep. Gary Miller. I wonder why this is the first we have heard of the death threats or the killings of his dogs from Liberatore. Liberatore didn't say anything about a police investigation or how or why he thought it was a picture of his dog in the Miller mail piece.

Liberatore said that he was going to look at his future political options and try to "keep the momentum going."

When asked by Amato if he had heard from Miller or any of the other candidates he said, " No I haven't heard from anybody." I wonder if he knows that it is customary to call the winner, not the other way around. Former 42nd candidate Lee McGroarty commented on our blog yesterday that he would be calling Miller, Liberatore and David Su.

Amato said that on Monday Miller sent out an email that said that Rep. Tom McClintock endorsed Miller. Amato said that the endorsement was from "two years ago," but didn't say why he thought that.


  1. I received an email around noon yeaterday from Lee McGroarty saying that he had left a message for all 3 of his opponents and had recieved calls back from Su and Miller. At the time of the email, he had yet to speak to Liberatore. This bs about death threats and the death of his dogs, no one should have to put up with. I never liked Phil as a candidate, but I completely respect his right to run for office. I don't believe for a second Miller had anything to do with it, but I hope the cops nail whoever did to the wall.

  2. Dennis,

    I totally agree. It is sad that someone would kill two innocent dogs. The cops should throw the book at whoever did it. But to imply that Gary Miller was involved is crazy.

  3. Statement from Rep. Tom McClintock: "The claim that Gary Miller improperly claimed my endorsement in the 2010 Republican primary is absolutely and completely false, and the people making it should know better. I enthusiastically support Gary Miller's candidacy and was proud to endorse him in the recent primary. On the floor of the House of Representatives I have seen first hand -- day in and day out -- his devotion to taxpayers and to the conservative cause and I could not possibly be stronger in my respect and support of him."