Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rep. Gary Miller puts up Phil Liberatore site; Liberatore sued by U.S. Department of Labor for not paying overtime to employees

We received an email a few minutes ago with a link to a Phil Liberatore for Congress web site. I thought it was going to be the site of 42nd Congressional candidate Phil Liberatore but I was wrong.

Yesterday we posted that "Don't elect Tax Fraud Phil Liberatore" signs had gone up. Liberatore responded by calling the allegations, that were not specific, "completely false."

I think this website is the Miller response and I wonder if Liberatore now regrets his "completely false" comment.

The site starts by stating, "Did you know that Phil Liberatore has been involved in more than 75 lawsuits in just Los Angeles and Orange Counties? Did you know he has been sued by employees, clients, friends, business associates, and the Bush Administration’s U.S. Department of Labor?"

It lists several cases including the following. I tried to link to the pdf related to each case.

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"Did you know one of Phil Liberatore’s own employee’s claims in a lawsuit that she was directed to “engage in numerous illegal practices with regard to preparation of tax returns for clients?” The suit against Phil Liberatore further states that “(Liberatore) acknowledged their illegal conduct, did not deny that their actions were illegal, and further sought to obtain (employees) assistance in furthering their illegal, unethical and criminal activities.” The employee further stated that “in every circumstance where (Liberatore) requested that (she) prepare a fraudulent tax return and was refused by (employee), (Liberatore) took it upon himself to insert fraudulent information and otherwise revise, alter or modify proper tax returns prepared by (employee) in order to submit said documents to the IRS and State of California.” Phil Liberatore lost and the court retained jurisdiction over the terms of the settlement with the employee to make sure Phil Liberatore followed through. (Case #LASC VC044616)"

"Did you know that Phil Liberatore was sued for “professional negligence/malpractice” when he advised a client on the sale of an investment which resulted in capital gains of $325,000? In this case, the clients followed Phil Liberatore’s tax planning advice and found themselves having to pay interest, penalties and excise taxes from both the IRS and Franchise Tax Board on a $325,000 gain. Phil Liberatore lost. (Case #OCSC 06CC06421)"

"Did you know that in 2008 Phil Liberatore was sued by the Bush Administration’s U.S. Department of Labor for not paying over-time to his employees? In 2008, the Bush Administration sued Phil Liberatore for repeatedly and willfully violating the provisions of the Federal Labor Standards Act. Simply put, Phil Liberatore refused to pay his pay his employees overtime in violation of labor law. As part of the settlement of the lawsuit, Phil Liberatore was required to provide a cashier’s check for the back wages to his employees. (Case #USDC-Central CV08-02537)"

"Did you know that Phil Liberatore sued his own employee for over $1 million dollars for taking $2,000 for a few side jobs? That’s right. When Phil Liberatore discovered that one of his employees had taken side jobs preparing tax returns, he demanded that the $2,000 fee he earned be turned over to him. When the employee refused, Phil Liberatore sued his own employee and asked for over $1 million in damages. The case was dismissed. The irony is that this same employee, like the others, was awarded overtime by the U.S. Department of Labor in the Bush Administration’s suit against Phil Liberatore. (Case #LASC VC948445)"

"Did you know that in 2009 Phil Liberatore sued Rescue Roofers because the tar that the roofer was using to repair the roof of Phil Liberatore’s office smelled? Phil Liberatore demanded “monetary damages of $9,207.00 for wages paid to employees and lost client engagement fees.” Phil Liberatore claimed that the smell of the tar got into his building and he had to send his employees home. The judge’s reaction “Phil, Tar Smells … Case Dismissed.” (Case #LASC 09C02169)"


  1. I bet his press conference went really well with this information being released.

    Go to philliberatoreforcongress.com and read the case on the left named "Phil Liberatore's illegal business practices." That person sued him for false imprisonment. Page 25 says that the "defendants also attempted to kidnap Plaintiff on several occasions."

    So he falsely imprisoned and attempted to kidnap an employee? Wow, this guy is running for Congress?

  2. Phil was on the Rick Amato Show last night http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/6851131.

    At 1 hour, 9 minutes on the video Liberatore denies being sued by an employee. But the case is on http://www.philliberatoreforcongress.com/

  3. three sons Liberatore never said that he said he didn't sue an employee for a million dollars.

  4. Three Sons,

    Frank is right. That is not what he said. I went to listen and this is what he said.

    Phil: "I sued an ex employee for a million dollars? I don't even know what that is Rick. Sorry"

    The host says "If someone is going to put it out there. We have to let you say its bull, it's BS." Phil replies, "Yeah."

    That said, he definitely didn't admit to having sued an employee when asked if he had been.