Thursday, May 13, 2010

An interview with Phil Liberatore Part 3 of 4

Tuesday we started posting our email interview with 42nd Congressional candidate Phil Liberatore. Below you will find Part 3.

We posted his comments just as we received them.

Liberatore is challenging Rep. Gary Miller, Lee McGroarty and David Su for the Republican nomination in the 42nd Congressional district.

TCP: What is your position on the recently passed Health Care Reform bill?

This is one of the worst bills passed in the history of the United States. We need to fight to remove, defund and kill it at every turn. There are some very positive steps which could have been taken in health care including tort reform and interstate competition but the President ignored these for a radical agenda.

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TCP: What are your ideas on reforming the Immigration system? Do you support amnesty for those currently in the country illegally?

The first thing we need to do is secure our border. Without this as a cornerstone of Immigration policy everything else we do will be wasted efforts. The second element of reform is cutting off all financial incentive to be here illegally. We need to enforce our current laws to not provide and aid and service to those here illegally. We need to enforce the law when it comes to businesses hiring undocumented workers.

As the son of an immigrant I deeply appreciate the opportunity this country gave my father and family. I understand the need we have for legal immigration. We need a responsible immigration policy which starts with securing our borders.

I was just endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Arizona. I think the measure their state just passed is a necessary one. This issue is too large not to utilize all of the tools at our disposal. Here in California nearly 25% our jail system is filled with illegal aliens. This is not just an issue in California but one of national security.

I do not see an amnesty program being a responsible trajectory for this country and particularly for California. It would reward those who came into this country via illegal means rather than those who have gone through the proper channels. We need (TCP: this is how it was received. We asked the Liberatore campaign Monday night if they had something to add or if they wanted us to delete, "We need." But we never heard back)

TCP: Congressman Miller has sponsored (LEAVE Act) and co-sponsored legislation (SAVE Act) to take away automatic citizenship from children born to parents illegally in the country. Two of your Republican opponents, Lee McGroarty and David Su, have called the legislation unconstitutional. What is your position?

I believe what Gary is doing here is political grandstanding. This is a complex issue but currently the 14th Amendment is fairly clear on the birthright of those born here in America. I believe his energy would be better spent working to first secure the border. This happens on a federal level and our local Congressman should be leading that charge.

TCP: Who are you supporting in the Republican primary for Governor and US Senate? Why?

I am currently undecided in the Governor’s race, as we need someone who can really tackle the tough issues facing this state including the exodus of business, unfunded pensions and the $20 billion deficit. I had been leaning towards Meg Whitman but am taking a closer look at her stance on immigration and the Goldman Sachs issue.

In the US Senate race I like Chuck Devore as he is from our backyard and shares the same principles on limited government and social issues.

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