Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Don't Elect Tax Fraud Phil Liberatore" email sent out

Overnight I received the following email in my PERSONAL email, not the blog email. Which makes me wonder who else received it.

It talks about one of the lawsuits 42nd Congressional candidate Phil Liberatore was involved in and has links to the web site that Rep. Gary Miller put up.


You've Seen The Signs.
Now Read The Lawsuits.
Consider the facts:

Phil Liberatore champions himself as being able to solve your IRS tax problems.
His own staff sues him for making them
"insert fraudulent and misleading information onto clients tax returns."
Phil Liberatore "settles" the lawsuit with his staff.
The Superior Court retains jurisdiction over the settlement to ensure the Liberatore follows through.

If your accountant,
"took it upon himself to insert fraudulent information and otherwise revise, alter or modify proper tax returns... in order to submit said documents to the IRS and State of California" would you consider that "tax fraud?"

Likewise, if your accountant was accused of this type of illegal activity, would he/she "settle" the case or aggressively fight to clear his/her name? Considering Phil Liberatore has been
involved in over 75 lawsuits, we'd expect him to fight to clear his name... He didn't. Why?

Don't elect Tax Fraud Phil to Congress.


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