Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lee McGroarty also gets Negative Site

Yesterday we reported that Rep. Gary Miller had put up a negative Phil Liberatore web site that listed law suits Liberatore had been involved in, including being sued by the US Department of Labor for not paying his employees overtime.

Well, we have now found the negative Lee McGroarty for Congress site. Unlike the Liberatore site which only addressed his law suits, the Lee McGroarty site raises several issues about McGroarty.

They include,

"Did you know over the last 28 elections Lee McGroarty has not voted in 20 of them! "

"Did you know that Lee McGroarty made up false endorsements for his campaign?" (We raised that issue last year.)

"Did you know that Lee McGroarty had both of his business licenses SUSPENDED by the Franchise Tax Board of the State of California?" (We reported that last week)

"And did you know that Lee McGroarty is being investigated for 7 federal campaign finance violations by the Federal Election Commission (FEC)?" (We reported that last week)

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The site also includes a link to a document titled, "Lee McGroarty supports Amnesty."

The site has a copy of a document from the Secretary of State's office that shows Lee McGroarty's business entity's were suspended July 2, 2007. When Lee responded to our story about his business entity's being suspended he put out a release with the following comment.

"McGroarty's personal accountant, Ron Uehle, responded with the following statement: "Lee, I just spoke with the Franchise Tax Board and have cleared up the matter of your corporations being "suspended". The Franchise Tax Board failed to forward to the Secretary of State's office the paperwork that was filed in 2008 on your behalf."

Interesting that McGroarty's explanation last week of what happened doesn't seem to match an official document from the Secretary of State.

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