Friday, May 14, 2010

Anti Lee McGroarty Email sent out

On Wednesday we posted about an email sent out entitled, "DON'T ELECT TAX FRAUD PHIL LIBERATORE." It linked to the web site Phil Liberatore for Congress, which lists law suits 42nd Congressional candidate Phil Liberatore has been involved in.

Last night I received a new email. This one was entitled, "Challenger Operates Businesses With Suspended Licenses." It links to Lee McGroarty for Congress, which lists several reasons why one shouldn't vote for McGroarty.

I left the links that were in the email.


In 2007, the California Secretary of State and California Franchise Tax Board suspended the business licenses of both companies - "Retire America Corporation" and "401(K) Administrators Inc." that Congressional candidate Lee McGroarty owns and operates.

McGroarty’s business licenses were suspended for either "failure to pay one or more tax returns" or "failure to pay the business balances due."

For over 3 years, Lee McGroarty has been operating these businesses and handling client’s retirement funds without a license.

In these economic times, would you trust your retirement funds to an un-licensed company?

At a time when Congress is cracking down on financial fraud, this is the kind of activity they are looking to curtail. Why put this wolf in the henhouse?

On June 8, don’t reward law breakers by sending them to Congress.

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