Friday, May 14, 2010

An interview with Phil Liberatore Part 4 of 4

Tuesday we started posting our email interview with 42nd Congressional candidate Phil Liberatore. Below you will find the fourth and final part.

We posted his comments just as we received them.

Liberatore is challenging Rep. Gary Miller, Lee McGroarty and David Su for the Republican nomination in the 42nd Congressional district.

TCP: Why do you believe that you will do a better job than the 42nd's current Congressman, Gary Miller?

How much space do we have on this blog? The primary reason I believe I will do a better job than Gary is that I am a true conservative not just in name. I would not vote for Wall Street bailouts and voting with Barney Frank to put the taxpayers on the hook for an additional $300 billion dollars during the housing meltdown. I am sure Gary can have spin to these ten different ways but they don’t represent the fiscally conservative values I believe in.

I’m a fighter. For too long we have been playing defense against Democrats and RINOs but the time has come to go on the offense. There is going to be a large class of new Congressmen who will be voted into office to bring responsibility back to Washington. They will be scrutinized by their local voters like never before and I believe this mid-term election will be a new day in Washington.

The second reason is that I will show up to work. Gary currently has the 14th worst voting record in Congress. At the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 he missed 64% of the votes. This was one of the most crucial times in our nations history and he did not show up for work.

TCP: How do you believe you are different from the other two Republican challengers, David Su and Lee McGroarty?

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The key difference is leadership. I have been battling the IRS for hardworking people for over 20 years and understand how to cut through the bureaucracy. I get results when dealing with the government otherwise I wouldn’t be in business. We need a leader who is going to take the fight to Washington with real solutions. My experience as a small business owner is invaluable in understanding the issues facing the economy, as we look to get job creation back on track.

I applaud both David and Lee for joining the race because the one thing we can all agree on is that we don’t need another term of Gary Miller.

TCP: If elected, what will be the first bill you will introduce as Congressman Liberatore?

I will introduce a bill to fund and complete our southern border fence. A weak border is now an issue of national security with increased terrorism efforts and drug cartel violence. It is no longer a problem we can ignore.

TCP: You went to court to try and get the ballot designation of "IRS Problem Solver," after it was rejected by the Secretary of State. That designation was rejected by a Judge. Several blogs have suggested that candidates who appeal their ballot designation to a court, and lose, should have to reimburse the tax payers for the cost associated with that appeal. What is your position on that?

I disagree, as our legal system allows us to fight when we believe an injustice is being delivered. Unfortunately we ran out of time for the ballot designation or we would have appealed. And I think we would have prevailed.

TCP: Is there any thing else you would like our readers to know about you?

I absolutely love America. I think truly believe God has blessed this country and those who live here. I am living the American dream and want to see that dream available for future generations. But the American dream is fragile and under attack. We need leaders to fight for it now - not more incumbent politicians to roll over.

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