Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rep. Gary Miller comments on "Tax Fraud Phil" Signs

Earlier today we posted about a Phil Liberatore for Congress web site that lists lawsuits Phil Liberatore has been involved in. The list included being sued by the Department of Labor for not paying his employees overtime.

Now Miller has issued a comment on the signs that includes some of the lawsuits on the list. Note: I copied the comment off his site with links. So if they don't work I am sorry.

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Case Against “Tax Fraud Phil”
May 11, 2010--Congressman Miller’s primary opponent held a press conference today in front of Gary’s government office complaining about the “Tax Fraud Phil” signs going up in the area.

The “Tax Fraud Phil” sign is to alert the public that Phil Liberatore is “engaged in numerous illegal practices with regard to preparation of tax returns for clients,” according to court documents. It’s estimated his tax fraud scheme costs taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Cruising local court records, Phil has been involved in more than 75 lawsuits in the past couple of years, most involving malpractice against his clients and shady business deals.

Some of his more infamous:

CASE: Phil was dragged to court by a former employee who said “in every circumstance where (Liberatore) requested that (she) prepare a fraudulent tax return and was refused by (employee), (Liberatore) took it upon himself to insert fraudulent information and otherwise revise, alter or modify proper tax returns prepared by (employee) in order to submit said documents to the IRS and State of California.” (LASC VC044616)JUDGMENT: GUILTY!

CASE: In what’s got to be the frivolous lawsuit of the year, Phil sued a local roofing company because the tar that the small business owner was using to repair Phil’s roof smelled. (LASC 09C02169)JUDGMENT: THROWN OUT. And in classic Judge Judy-like fashion, the judge chastised Phil, saying: “Phil, Tar Smells…Case Dismissed.”

CASE: A tax client sued Phil for malpractice after his bad advice cost her $81,000. (LASC BC318888)JUDGMENT: GUILTY!

CASE: President Bush’s Labor Dept sued Phil for not paying overtime to his employees and violating the Federal Labor Standards Act. (USDC-Central CV08-02537)JUDGMENT: GUILTY!

CASE: Most recently, Phil again wasted tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars when he sued Los Angeles County and the State of California for not listing him as the “IRS Problem Solver” on the ballot. (SCSC34-2010-80000493)JUDGMENT: THROWN OUT. The Superior Court agreed Phil is NOT an IRS Problem Solver.

In the past couple of years, Phil has been involved in more than 75 lawsuits. How many times has your CPA been sued?

Phil Liberatore has cheated local tax payers out of tens of thousands of dollars—costing us money for road repairs, schools and law enforcement. He’s unfit to give out tax advice and unqualified for Congress. ###


  1. Wow, over the course of time, I'd suspect any business will have a few lawsuits, but this looks pretty damaging. This list is almost as long as Gary Miller's alleged wrongdoings. I guess this puts McGroarty back in the driver's seat. With all due respect to David Suh, I just don't think he'll have a prayer. We'll have to see how Liberatore responds to this, maybe he will decide to drop out.

  2. Lucky, I was just wondering, you've had an interview with Suh and now Liberatore. McGroarty was the first to declare his challenge to Miller's seat but you've never interviewed him. Did he decline your request for an interview?

  3. McGroarty never asked for an interview.

    For the record David's last name is Su, not Suh.

  4. My apologies to David...I was going from memory.