Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An interview with Phil Liberatore Part 2 of 4

Yesterday we started posting our email interview with 42nd Congressional candidate Phil Liberatore.

We posted his comments just as we received them.

Liberatore is challenging Rep. Gary Miller, Lee McGroarty and David Su for the Republican nomination in the 42nd Congressional district.

TCP:Why are you running for Congress?

I am running for the US Congress because we need real conservative leadership representing our community. I am living the American dream but I see that dream being buried under a landslide of debt by incumbent politicians.

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Like many in our community, I voted for Gary Miller over the last ten years but when he voted for Wall Street bail outs and voted with Barney Frank to put the taxpayers on the hook for another $300 billion bailing out bad FHA loans enough was enough.

TCP: Tell us a little about your background.

I am married to my best friend Dana for 28 years and am the proud father of two grown daughters. I also have an active role in the community as a trustee of Life Pacific College, I serve as the Chairman of the Board for Oasis Hollywood which helps at risk youth and am active in my church.

I own two small businesses, a CPA practice and the IRS Problem Solvers. During my 30 years in business I have helped over 10,000 people who trust me with their greatest resources, their family, finances and future. I also have written three books with the latest being An Inside Look at the IRS.

I was born in the Bronx but have spent most of my life here in Southern California where I went to USC on a scholarship and completed both my undergraduate and MBA.

TCP: What do you believe is the single most important issue currently facing Americans?

Job creation is the single pressing issue facing Americans right now. A little over a year into the 2001 “dot come bubble” recession, employers had shed 2.6 million more jobs than now. However we had more small businesses creating jobs and providing employment during that time. In our current situation, this is simply not happening. We need to unleash small businesses to create jobs and this can be done through cutting business and capital gains

We are facing the highest unemployment rate since the Depression. California has the third highest unemployment rate at 12.6% and I think we all know the real number is higher. This is not a problem we can spend our way out of through failed bailouts and stimulus packages. We need long lasting stable tax cuts. I would fight to cut the capital gains tax to zero for the next five years and then raise it to a permanent cap of 5%. By giving small business this break they can reinvest into their local economies and legitimately jumpstart the economy.


  1. Wow! What an endorsement of Lee McGroarty! They say that imitation is the ultimate form of flattery. Well, you just gave McGroarty a standing ovation! What a captivating recitation of HIS economic position! But...there's just one little problem... you forgot to give him the credit. So as a good Christian myself, let me help you and Lucky out here Phil. "Interview" by Phil Libertore. "Views and Positions" by Lee McGroarty. We wouldn't want to give anyone the wrong impression now, would we? That wouldn't be HONEST...

  2. aluckyday... All I can say is, "what?"
    Since when is it wrong to have the same stance as another candidate? Afterall, they're both conservatives in the same district going for the same position. You're last statement, "That wouldn't be HONEST..." reeks of die hard Gary Miller supporter.

  3. Huh?!?! What a ridiculous comment! You don't suppose two Republican/conservative candidates can have similar stances, so your guy Lee McGroarty owns all conservative views? Thereby, you question Phil's Christianity and his HONESTy? Amazing! Silly game this game of politics.

  4. Tim, for the record aluckyday is with the McGroarty campaign.

    Aluckyday, fiscal conservatives don't have a similar few on economic issues?

  5. Tim, for the record, I'm not "with" the McGroarty campaign, I'm "for" the McGroarty campaign. Contrary to Lucky, it is possible to support someone and not be in the tank for them. I simply weighed the candidates and I found Miller and Liberatore lacking. Lacking in substance and lacking in values. I've heard them all speak and I can say with all honesty that the above paragraph by Phil Liberatore is almost word for word what I heard McGroarty preaching BEFORE PHIL EVEN ENTERED THE RACE. Phil's admitted to stealing data from the McGroarty website. He was caught when he copied THE MISTAKES McGroarty put up before they were corrected. I gotta say, what Miller unleashed on Liberatore last week was absolutely beautiful. I'm so sick of the "I'm a Christian, vote for me!" hypocrisy he's been campaigning on. Hey Phil! Got a passage for you...Matt 7:3-5. Let's do some chopping before we work on the splinters, okay buddy?

  6. aluckyday,
    A normal supporter wouldn't claim that an FEC complaint had been filed against Liberatore. Since only those that have filed a complaint can make that information public. So far no one but you has claimed that a complaint has been filed.

    Also a few months ago you claimed to looking into lawsuits filed against Liberatore and claimed to find nothing. Normal supporters don't just start looking up legal cases for their own information.

    I am curious about your claim. What did Liberatore copy? If you email me some "before and after" proof I will post a story. That also goes for the FEC complaint. I gave you my email address so feel free to send it when you are ready to make it public.

  7. Lucky, according to your definition of "normal", I guess I would have to consider myself above normal. Call me "normal" on steroids. If I tell someone I'm going to support them, I support them wholeheartedly, not superficially. RE: the FEC complaint. I'm sure you know that anyone can file one. He mailed out hundreds, if not thousands, of solicitations on his "IRS Problem Solvers" letterhead. The problem was the small little line at the bottom that said something to the effect of "Paid for by Liberatore for Congress". That's a no-no. You can't use campaign funds to further your personal business. I'm just an average Joe who got his hands on one of these. Wasn't that hard. I don't know how the FEC will rule on it. I know CA is taking a HARD look at it in light of his failed attempt at the ballot label. I'm sure this will be seen as an attempt to circumvent their ruling. And with a potential fine of $1000 per solicitation... Yikes! But hey, he's loaded, right?

  8. aluckyday,
    "CA is taking a Hard loof at it..." Why would CA be looking at a FEC complaint?

  9. Hahaha, I could see Gary Miller now!!! "Wahahahah, my evil plan is working! Get them to fight amongst themselves and ignore the real problem - they have to take votes away from ME!!!!! hahahahaha...."

  10. Lucky, you really are a crack up. By your own definition of "normal" above, you've illustrated the fact that you yourself are not a "normal" supporter since you do all the things you accuse me of. Which is's a free country, right? I don't know if you are on the Miller staff, or you could even be Miller himself... we each have a horse in the race. What we can both agree on is Liberatore HAS to get out of the race. The skeletons in his closet make him the MOST vulnerable to a Democrat in the general election. If you care AT ALL about what's best for the 42nd, you'll have to agree w/ me on that. As for the FEC complaint...I never said one wasn't filed w/ the state as well.

  11. Aluckyday,
    No one has a shot at defeating Miller if there are a total of 4 candidates in the race. My hunch is Miller will get between 45-60% of the vote. If he gets 60% then it doesn't matter but if he gets 45% it makes a big defference.

    I also think that Su will receive a much larger portion of the vote than people think. I predict he finishes third because Miller, McGroarty and Liberatore will all bash themselves. Su will receive votes from people fed up the "politics" of the race.

    Re: the FEC complaint. I just wondered what the state had to do with an "FEC complaint" since it stands for Federal Election Commission and federal races fall under federal jurisdiction and laws.

  12. You could be right. I just don't think you're factoring in ALL the discontent out there for an incumbent. On another note, I just got a tip that Liberatore's coming after Miller on his veteran status. Claims he was dishonorably discharged. Any truth? Any traction?

  13. Aluckyday,
    No idea what that is about. Let's not forget that he came to Congress by defeating an incumbent Republican in a nationally watched race. If there was something in his past before he was elected to Congress I think it would have come out by now.