Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More on Liberatore Jumping into 42nd Race

As was reported last night, Phil Liberatore, a local CPA, ordained minister and author, has jumped into the 42nd race.

I haven't been able to find a campaign web site yet but he does have two for his businesses, Liberatore CPA and IRS Problem Solvers

Liberatore has also authored the book "God, Money & You: 101 Spiritual Answers to Your Financial Questions."

Unlike Lee McGroarty, the other challenger to Congressman Gary Miller, I have met Phil. He also has some name ID from advertising his business on KKLA and from his involvement in North Orange County and the Los Angeles County portion of the 42nd.

This has to come as a serious blow to McGroarty. Liberatore will camaign for the same base that McGroarty is, splitting the voters that are against Miller.

One has to wonder if McGroarty will simply choose not to run. The fact that the McGroarty campaign made up endorsements that were posted on their website will haunt them the entire race. If he is serious about defeating Miller, dropping out and endorsing Liberatore may be the best way to try and do that. If he stays in, he will be attacked by Miller and Liberatore, which will only split the anti-Miller vote. Based on name ID and the fake endorsement story, I predict that Liberatore will beat McGroarty. But can he beat Miller?


  1. Lee McGroarty had his shot and he blew it by faking support. If beating Miller is his true reason then he needs to get out of the race. If he cares only about himself then he will stay in.

    Neither one of them can beat Miller if he and Phil are both in.

  2. I like Gary but agree with the idea that someone needs to get out if you want to beat him. Phil and Lee need to decide who stays and who goes.

  3. I pray that Gary keeps the seat. After all who wants a crooked CPA in office? There already is enough crooks.

  4. I agree, the CPA is a crook. I have first hand experience dealing with him. Beware and do your homework before dealing with him. He is not what he appears to be.

  5. Check out Miller and McGroarty as your first choice.
    After dealing with Liberatore, I realized he is a Christian phoney who does not walk his talk. I would never do business with him. We have enough crooks in Congress already.