Sunday, February 14, 2010

Local Members of Congress on Birthright Citizenship

The Daily Bulletin has an article written by Stephen Wall about efforts by two local Congressman to clarify the 14th Amendment when it comes to immigration, effectively banning automatic citizenship for children of illegal aliens. It allows us to see where our elected officials stand on this important issue.

Rep. Gary Miller, a co-sponsor, addressing the costs of automatic citizenship says, "You have many people coming to this country illegally. They come to this country and have babies. The children are citizens. The children are eligible to go to school. They receive food stamps and social programs. The American taxpayers are paying for it."

Rep. Joe Baca calls the bill "unconstitutional."

Rep. Grace Napolitano declined comment on the bill.

Rep. Buck McKeon, a co-sponsor who represents portions of San Bernardino County, addressing the need for the bill says, "There's an incentive for people to come here and quickly have a baby. Since the baby is a citizen, it's harder to send the family back to where they came from if they came illegally. Now you have a citizen and it would split up the family."

Rep. Jerry Lewis, according to the article, has not yet taken a position on the bill.

Read the article for more comments including comment from Rep. David Dreier's office, and more from Rep. Baca, Miller and McKeon.

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