Sunday, February 21, 2010

Top Political Facebook Pages from Three Corners Area

Below are the top Facebook State and Federal political pages for the Three Corners area, as of tonight.

1. Bob Huff, currently 1,431 friends
2. Curt Hagman, currently 782 friends
3. Liberatore for Congress 42nd District CA, 320 fans
4. Chris Norby, 239 friends
5. Gary Miller, 160 fans (Note: Doesn't appear to be controlled by Miller)
6. Earl De Vries, 144 friends
7. The Next Generation for Phil Liberatore, 139 members
8. Norma Torres for California State Assembly, 98 members (Note: Doesn't appear to be controlled by Torres)
9. Jane Rands Green for State Assembly, 93 members
10. Recall Bob Huff, 25 members
11. Lee McGroarty for Congress, 17 fans

I searched for all active candidates but if I missed one please let me know and I will add it.

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