Sunday, February 14, 2010

42nd Candidates on Birthright Citizenship

As we posted earlier, the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin wrote an article on the position of local Member of Congress on Birthright Citizenship when it comes to illegal immigration.

I thought I would see if any of the 42nd Congressional candidates have a position on this important.

Obviously Rep. Gary Miller opposes automatic citizenship for children of illegal immigrants since he is a co-sponsor of the bill that would clarify the 14th Amendment. That clarification would ban automatic citizenship for children born to parents illegally in the United States.

David Su does not have a web site yet, so we can't find out his position.

Philip Liberatore does not address his positions on illegal immigration on his web site.

Lee McGroarty's section on immigration says,"Children born in the United States are citizens under the Constitution. However, those not born here and are under this program will not benefit from any public assistance." (The second sentence seems to be missing a word, but I copied the quote just like it is on the web site).

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