Monday, February 15, 2010

A Ban on a College Tuition Break for Illegal Immigrants?

Yesterday we posted a story about the Daily Bulletin's article on legislation co-sponsored by Rep. Gary Miller and Buck McKeon to ban automatic citizenship for children born to illegal immigrants. We also posted a story on the positions of the 42nd Republican Congressional candidates on the issue.

The Daily Bulletin has another article on another piece of pending legislation in Congress dealing with illegal immigration. The bill, supported by Rep. Buck McKeon and Gary Miller, would ban illegal immigrants from receiving in-state college tuition. California allows illegal immigrants to receive in-state tuition.

Rep. Miller told the Daily Bulletin,"You're telling me somebody who is an American citizen, was born here and parents pay taxes has to pay more than somebody here illegally. That's not right. We have a shortage of space for many students and you have limited dollars. With the dollars available, they should first be applied to people that are legally in this country and are citizens."

As I did for yesterday's post I will list the position of the other candidates for the 42nd Congressional race.

Rep. Gary Miller opposes in-state tuition for illegals, as is noted above.

David Su does not have a website or way to find out his position.

Lee McGroarty does not specifically address the issue in his immigration section. However in discussing what to do with the illegal immigrants already here, he proposes a program that would allow them to stay in the country. While in the program they would have to adhere to certain standards including, "No welfare programs or government assistance available while in program."

Philip Liberatore does not mention the issue of illegal immigration on his site.

Michael Williamson does not state a specific position but does mention the issue on his site under the immigration section. "Michael Williamson, a front line criminal justice professional has seen the streets of Los Angeles invaded by illegal aliens who have enjoyed the sanctuary protection of Special Order 40, taxpayer paid in-state school tuition for illegal migrants, and government acceptance of the sham matricula consular identification cards from Mexico."

Louie Contreras does not currently have a campaign web site.

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