Friday, June 4, 2010

Where are the polls that show Phil Liberatore winning?

For the last few weeks Phil Liberatore and his supporters have been touting polls that they claim show him "winning" or "close," in his primary race against Rep. Gary Miller.

On May 18, Mike "Bogey" Boguslawski said on the Rick Amato Show, "Right now. Right this minute...Liberatore's winning the poll right now. He's winning it."

This past Tuesday while talking about polls, Phil Liberatore told the Rick Amato Show, "It's real tight right now. This race is real tight." Rick Amato said he looked at some polls and the "polls are very, very tight." Amato also said some candidates in the 42nd race were "polling 2 and 3 and 4 percent of the, of the, of the votes." Another person on the show, Ken, said that the polls are "going up and up as we go day by day by day."

But where are these polls? If Liberatore was really winning why wouldn't he release his polls in an effort to show Lee McGroarty and David Su supporters that only he can beat Miller? Is Liberatore just trying to fire up his base?

I guess we will find out in four days if Liberatore and his supporters are telling the truth.


  1. Here is a poll, but it looks better for McGroarty than the others:

    Gary Miller (i) 46,119 - 44 percent
    Lee McGroarty 42,322 - 40 percent
    David Su 8,908 - 8 percent
    Phil Liberatore 8,454 - 8 percent
    388 of 388 precincts - 100 percent

  2. That doesn't look like a real poll.

    Besides polls don't normally contact over 100,000 people. I bet the election will have less than 100,000 votes.

  3. Hahaha...

    The lady doth protest too much!

    It's amazing. Apparently Liberatore is not even in the race, lousy poll numbers, wasting his money, never even been heard of, not even picked by the Daily Bulletin for second place, but yet the Miller campaign, this Miller-biased blog, and the other candidates constantly try to tear him down. This blog even spends time giving props to the least likely candidate!?!?

    So I ask, why waste your time on him, UNLESS.... the lady doth protest too much!!!!

  4. I guess I don't have to post to get my point across. Thanks for bringing up an important issue.

  5. The scary thing to me is that Phil spends 600k, which is his perrogitive. Seems like I receive 2 or 3 things in the mail from him per week. Yet, all that advertisement, and he only generated under 40k in donations to his campaign. (And I'm assuming all candidates had a few core supporters that were going to donate)
    It just goes to show how the fix is in for incumbents anyway. The PAC's all throw their money to their guys because they are already bought and paid for. Makes me wonder if a system that has a cap on spending or a funded system where everyone has the same bankroll to work with isn't better.
    I said a long time ago that if it came down to money, Miller would beat everybody hands down. I still believe it will come down to the issues, and I still believe that Lee is the strongest on them.
    Lucky, tell Gary Miller to at least let you keep this blog open for a few days after the election so we can dance on his political grave.

  6. Dennis,
    I don't think this will come down to money because Liberatore will outspend Miller by alot. At the last filing he had spent almost $200,000 more than Miller. I predict he will spend double what Miller does.

  7. Last I checked, it is still a free country and a man can blow his own money on just about anything he wants. He earned it, he can burn it. But... it should make you wonder... if he cares so little about his own money that he's willing to GAMBLE over half a million dollars on a race in which he has received VERY little outside financial support from the very people he hopes to represent... how much less will he consider MY money? I don't know about anyone else reading this, but $600K is a lot of money in my world. Maybe not in Phil's... but I want to send someone to Washington who represents ME. I'm sick of these seats in Washington only being populated by those who can "afford" them. This is not government "of" the people. This is the "haves" keeping the "have nots" out of the process. You want to look at true fiscal conservatism on display, look at what McGroarty has been able to accomplish on $30K compared to the other 2 and ask yourself "who would you want managing YOUR money?"

  8. aluckyday,
    Are you insane or just a liberal in disguise? We, as conservatives, value and respect those that can start from meager means and then make it to the level that Phil Libertore has done! That is success and that is someone who knows how to manage HIS money and by extension MY money! Not to mention that he know how to work hard and will show up to vote. If all McGroarty could do is raise a lousy $30K, I question his ability to win - heck I am a small business owner, and I could easily raise $30K!! That definitely does not bode well for his skills!

    Also, let's all grow up here and face the facts. We all know that it takes money to win these things - face reality. Another fact is that the majority of us want the incumbent out (because of corruption, out of touch, his voting record). Using simple logic, the only choice is Liberatore. The others are just spoilers, and the best that they will do is keep the status quo. If that is okay with you, then throw away your vote - if you are really tired of what we currently have and realize that he has let us down for his own benefit, your only vote is Liberatore.

  9. LuisLiranza,
    You need to pull your head out. McGroarty has raised as much as Liberatore has.

    As of his last FEC posting, Phil Liberatore raised $27,166, loaned himself $375,000 and spent $398,410.99. He has $7,325.49 cash on hand. So, I guess this doesn't bode well for Liberatore's skills either does it?

    Obviously, Liberatore has "loaned" himself A LOT more than that since then, but the point is it's all HIS OWN money. The people aren't backing him, he's backing himself with the exception of a few knuckleheads like yourself. Wake up! The guy makes Rocky Balboa look like Einstein. He's a fraud, he's incompetent and he's blown A LOT of money. Money that could have gone to many more worthwhile causes. He should have got out of the race months ago when the 912 Tea Party group asked him to. But he's too vain. The best thing he ever did for McGroarty was plaster his own picture on all his ads. I can't tell you how many people I've talked to who won't vote for him just because of the way he looks on all those signs.

    I am tired of what we currently have, but all I see in Phil Liberatore is "Miller Lite". He hasn't given me ONE GUARANTEE that he'll be any different if he were in office. Not one.

  10. aluckyday,

    I have to agree with absolutely everything you just said. Liberatore has shown that he has no real ideas or principles and if elected he probably won't be anything more than a rubber stamp for the establishment.

    What America, especially the 42nd, needs right now is a Statesmen, not another politician. Mcgroarty and David Su are our best options and Mcgroarty is the only one with a chance at winning.

    Liberatore and Miller are proving more and more that this election is turning into an auction to the highest bidder.... its sad really

  11. Wow, you don't get it. You really don't get it. In the adult world, whether we like it or not, it takes money - lots of it - to win elections. $30K is not going to do it. The elections don't care if the money is loaned or donated, just as long as you have it to spend it.

    Liberatore has proven that he is serious about throwing the incumbent out, and he has the skills to put together close to half a million dollars in order to do it.

    In regards to people backing any one with their donations - either you are new to these things or choose to be blind to facts. Regular Joes, hard working people, just don't give up their money for these things - that is why the incumbent usually win.

    In regards to pictures, really, you are going to go there? And you called me a knuckle-head? I'm not sure what to do with you comparing a fictional character with a live one, so I will leave that alone.

    Finally, Liberatore has given you FIVE GUARANTEE - NO bailouts, NO special interests, NO missed votes, NO earmarks, and NO tax increases. AND HE IS GIVEN YOU the greatest guarantee of all, we kick out the incumbent, and we send a message to Washington - you are in Washington DC at our pleasure.

    If you are really tired about what we currently have going on in Washington, you have only one candidate that makes sense. Not only can Liberatore beat the incumbent, but he could win the general elections.

    Come on aluckyday, let's come together and kick the incumbent out - let's send a message to Washington, and let's do it with someone who can play with the big boys!

  12. Look people, it is what it is! Let's face the facts or we are going to continue our downward slide. The one thing we all agree on is that Washington is not working for us; therefore, we have to send a message. Clearly and obviously you can see that at minimum, at minimum, Liberatore can play with the big boys - he has the funds.

    We can complain that "it's sad really", and continue in the same path of destruction, or we could at least send a message. Sorry folks, but until we change things, right now it takes money - lots of it. The only one who has a chance is Liberatore - that is it! The others are spoilers.

    Let's not be as fractured as the liberals - we claim to be smarter, let's prove it.

    Please, please, please - let's come together and, at minimum, send a message. Please!

  13. David Su is the young gun conservative that has my vote. If Liberatore wants to prove to the world that he's close or even remotely winning in the polls, then why not release them? Doesn't the public, the citizens of the 42nd CD have a right to see them? Liberatore asked for Miller's release of this military records. Miller did release them, now it's time for him to release the polls. I bet he won't because whenever I see him speak or just look at him he reeks of a used car salesman. PHIL LIBERATORE! RELEASE YOUR DAMN POLL RESULTS. Show the American people that you are winning, because I think it's all talk and BS. I'm going to vote for someone who's going to be honest and represents us with integrity for once. For once, let's pick someone who's honest and is going to do the right thing.

  14. Luisliranza, the Rocky comparison was not my own, it was Phil's, watch for yourself:

    As far as money goes, if the people of the 42nd are going to vote based on who can afford the most yard signs, then it's over already. A government where the seat goes to the highest bidder is a government on it's way out the door.

    Your idea of people not sending money in is wrong. George Bush WON on $10, $25 checks pouring in from all over the country. The people of the 42nd aren't sending in checks to Phil because they don't trust him. They aren't sending checks to McGroarty because they don't know about him. And they aren't sending checks to Miller because they don't like him. Nobody is sending ANY money to ANYONE. But they're going to vote...

    And more than likely, that vote is going to be decided at the ballot box or in the ballot statement where they can quietly read for themselves (without the distraction of all the mass mailings and ads) who and what candidate best represents them... and Phil Liberatore was too incompetent to even file a ballot statement in 85% of his own district. He is a blank page, both figuratively and literally.

    So, it will come down to Miller and McGroarty. If you are anti-incumbent, then you will vote McGroarty. If you like the way things are (and I don't know anyone who is) or just purposely ignorant, you will vote Miller. Liberatore is the spoiler here. HE is the loud mouthed distraction siphoning votes, ideas and attention off of McGroarty. If Miller gets re-elected I will hold PHIL LIBERATORE and everyone like YOU responsible. THAT's the message I want you to take back to the Liberatore campaign!

  15. This is my last attempt - hopefully someone out there reads this and sees the light and is not lead astray by those other misguide, diluted comments from the McGroarty and Su supporters.

    The only challenger that Miller is worried about is Liberatore - take a look at his website. The only challenger any of the challengers talk about is Liberatore - they know he is the one to beat. The only challenger that is truly vested in this race and could win the general election is Liberatore - whether we like it or not, it takes money to win elections.

    McGroarty and Su might be nice guys, but they are not vested in this race, a majority of the people don't know them, and they will not win - they are only spoilers. Please do not throw your vote away. Please let us not leave the status quo. Vote only for Liberatore and let's send a message to Washington.

    Just so you know, I am not part of the Liberatore campaign - so I can't take a message back to them. If they read this blog they are probably wondering who the heck I am - I am someone that has taken a serious look at the race, and I have decided to vote for Liberatore. I KNOW that WE MUST SEND A MESSAGE TO WASHINGTON and the only way we could do it is through Liberatore.

  16. Turns out that Luis is posting from the same IP address as Frankthetank. So, just like Frank, his comments will not be posted for a few days.

    Funny that "Luis" claimed not to be part of the campaign because Frank is part of it. Must be multiple personalities.

  17. Lucky day, I really appreciate your blog because even though you seem to have a bias, you have always been fair about approving my posts and everyone who disagrees with you. Now, I am giving you my word that I am not Frankthetank - I don't even know who he is. I am in IT, so I know it is not possible for Frankthetank and I to be posting from the same IP address, so somehow you have made a mistake. I hope and expect that you will realize your mistake and continue to post my comments.

  18. Wow, that was a nice shot lucky. You know I didn't like you when you were just a Miller supporter and a McGroarty hater, but you keep taking shots at Phil's supporters and you may make my Christmas card list.
    Luis, I agree with alucky, if you are all about Phil's money, then by your own argument, Gary Miller must win because he's got more money then Phil. It can't be about money, it has to be about ideas and leadership. I think Lee shows that much more than Phil. In fact I think David Su shows it more than Phil, but David is just too young for my tastes. VOTE MCGROARTY