Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Phil Liberatore sends out email on Rep. Gary Miller's Service record

42nd Congressional candidate Phil Liberatore has sent out an email titled, "Miller Misrepresents Military Record‏." This after Rep. Gary Miller released military records and Lee McGroarty said of him, "One of my opponents, who never served our country, is calling out Miller for his military service and is “grandstanding” on an issue he knows nothing about."

Liberatore mostly used parts of the Harper's Monthly article and quotes from three retired military members who make up his "Military and Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee." Two of the committee members called on Miller to releases his records, which he had already done when I received the email.

I received the email at 4:45pm. We posted the story of Miller placing his records on his web site at 12:15pm.


  1. Miller released a piece of paper that doesn't say anything. Why don't you post that? It has his dates of service and nothing more. They asked for his medical records and his service records. Last I checked that piece of paper is neither. Miller is trying to get us to keep trusting his word and we are not buying!

  2. I guess you only see what you want to see. The issue is when he served. It lists that. You have also raised the issue as to whether or not he was Honorably Discharged. It states that too.

    On the bottom it states it was issued by the National Archives and Records Administration, which keeps military records. It also states, "This document serves as verification of military service and may be used for any official purpose.

    I guess if you are trying to make an issue out of something that is nothing, like you and your boss are, nothing will be good enough for you. I quess your standard is just much higher than the federal government.

    Do you and Liberatore want to see what medical tests were conducted?

  3. Frank,
    First, we will not publish guesses as to who the bloggers are on this blog. We will also not name those that comment. So we have deleted your comment.

    Second, if ulcers was not a reason to be discharged during the Vietnam war, prove it. Post the link. The SGV Tribune used Miller's quote which said that asthma and ulcers were reasons to be discharged during the Vietnam War. If they thought he was wrong they would have stated it, or not used the quote.

  4. The fact remains that during the vietnam war ulcers would not be enough to dq you from service. They would have stuck you at a desk. Heck john McCain can't walk and somehow he stayed in. The other fact I find interesting is that your boss stated that he was discharged for ulcers when he was ten years old. So Gary knew he had them and still enlisted, making it a fraudulent enlistment (felony).

    Maybe your boss needs to be more careful with your words.

  5. Frank, you can keep repeating yourself, but where is the documentation to your statement?

  6. Frank, I have to say once again, this is pretty much a dead issue. Miller has done plenty wrong in his political career that we don't need to make stuff up. The form looks legitimate. I guess the proper form (from reading the posts) is a DD214 or something. Would you be satisfied if Miller posted that? I also think its a real stretch that Gary "knowingly" enlisted in the army with ulcers so he could get honorably discharged after a few weeks so he could then use it in his Congressional career 30-40 years later. Isn't it more likely that an 18 year old kid enlisted without even thinking about the ulcers he had at 10 until they flared up during basic training. Liberatore is really wasting his time on this one, I think. I'd love to be proven wrong though.

  7. Now you've got me interested Lucky...I want to see Frank's post that got deleted. lol.

  8. A DD214 (Report of Seperation) is equivalent to what Miller posted because on the bottom it states it "is issued in the absence of a copy of the actual Report of Seperation."

  9. The sgv is Miller's paper. If Miller was willing to come clean why not do it win harper's asked for a comment. The second fact is that Miller lied! He said he served this country and it was an honor. As a vet I'm disgusted by someone that claims to have served and was kicked out of boot camp.

    The paper miller supplied is only valid when accompanied by supporting documentation as well as seal. I see none of that. I addition the medical record and service record was asked for.

    If Miller isn't lying about the ulcer it will be in his medical record. If it was another reason, mentally unsuited for army life, or disregard for duty, we see that in his service record book.

    We're not ask for anything his employer would not have asked for. We are his employer and we want the information.