Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lee McGroarty Comments on Daily Bulletin Editorial Support

We are going to take some credit for this. Earlier today a McGroarty supporter was upset the Daily Bulletin endorsed Rep. Gary Miller and called them liberal. I commented the following, "If I was on your campaign I would be using "favorite from among those challengers," and McGroarty "has tangled quite a bit with Miller in the campaign," in everything I could for the next five days."

Now the McGroarty has issued the following comment, which is a good move since he needs to show why voters should pick him instead of Phil Liberatore or David Su.

Daily Bulletin Picks McGroarty as Favorite Among Miller Challengers

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The Daily Bulletin has published an article supporting incumbents David Dreier and Gary Miller, but has called Lee McGroarty their favorite to challenge Miller.

From the article: "Miller has three Republican primary opponents who slam him for that TARP vote, some votes on housing issues (that we considered reasonable) and ethical questions that have dogged him. If we had to pick a favorite from among those challengers, it would be Chino businessman Lee McGroarty, who has tangled quite a bit with Miller in the campaign."

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