Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Harper's Magazine Details Rep. Gary Miller's Military Service

Harper's Magazine has a story today about the military service of Rep. Gary Miller. According to the story he served in 1967 before being Honorably Discharged. It states his time was spent at boot camp.

The article tries to attack Miller because some web sites state that he served in 1967 and 1968.

A Miller spokeswoman said, "Congressman Miller volunteered to the U.S. Army and was Honorably Discharged due to medical reasons within a matter of months." She went on to say, "While we cannot control what other websites say about Congressman Miller’s military service, the official website for the House of Representatives states that Congressman Miller served in 1967." That web site can be seen here.


  1. “The leadership skills which I experienced in the U.S. Army allow me to take the lead on issues which promote a stronger defense.” GARY MILLER

    Really you learned that much in 7 weeks? You must of been a great recruit oh wait that's right you got kicked out! Oh and by the way you can't get an honorable if you've only served 49 days, according to almost every site and the Army, one would receive an Entry Level Separation with less than 180 days. Someone please help me with the math, is 49 greater than 180?

    If you're looking for a liar lucky you've got one! It's Gary Miller!

    What was the illness that got him kicked out?

  2. In 1996 and 1997, Miller had a seat in the California State Assembly. His biography in the official guide to members for both of those years says he served in the Army between 1967 and 1968.

    I guess he's right since he served in September and October of 67 that would fall between January 67 and January 68.

  3. Frank,
    Were the rules regarding discharges in the 60's the same as they are now?

  4. Frank, Gary probably became seriously ill when he had to take an oath of honesty. Seems like he spent the rest of his career avoiding it. I too looked up what I could regarding honorable discharges and I couldn't find any reference to an "honorable" discharge for less than 180 days service. These stories have shown to have legs, lets hope this one does as well. Maybe even a boot connected to those legs that kicks Gary's butt out!

  5. I want to know why! He claims that he had an illness. Well what was it? I think he got a section 8 on purpose because he was scared! That's right Gary Miller's other name is Klinger from MASH!

  6. Also who saw Gary's recommendations for his "Conservative Voter Guide"

    Insurance Commissioner (GOP): Michael Villines
    Michael Villines is another experienced lawmaker who knows the ins and outs of the state bureaucracy. He has an impressive five point plan to provide more health care choices in the state, allow non-taxable health savings accounts, allow individuals to choose their own health insurance benefits, expand tax credits to reduce out of pocket expenses, and allow companies to combine group health insurance and worker compensation policies to reduce costs.

    Now he claims he doesn't publicly endorse anyone! The guy is a tool!