Friday, May 7, 2010

Phil Liberatore Responds to Lee McGroarty Allegations of Rep. Gary Miller

42nd Congressional candidate Phil Liberatore has responded to the new allegations made against Rep. Gary Miller by Lee McGroarty.


Congressional Candidate Phil Liberatore Responds as Gary Miller Corruption Charges Hit Newspapers

WHITTIER, Calif., May 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Responding to fresh allegations of financial improprieties against incumbent GOP Congressman Gary Miller that appeared in today's Whittier Daily News and San Jose Mercury News, his challenger in the GOP primary, Phil Liberatore, expressed sadness at the latest in a barrage of ethics charges and investigations that have dogged Miller during his decade long tenure in Congress.

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"I'm deeply saddened and disappointed to hear today's news about Gary," responded Liberatore. "I wish I could also say that I was surprised but I'm not. It's part of a recurring pattern and one of the reasons that I decided to run in the first place. Today I've written the House Ethics committee and asked them to investigate this matter and I am urging Gary to step aside and allow his colleagues in the House and federal and state authorities to investigate these charges. I'm also urging Gary to pledge that he will not sell the property in question to the city for ten years to prove that this wasn't a scheme to enrich himself."

The latest corruption allegations center around Miller's receipt of nearly $21,000 in campaign contributions from Jeff Burum, described in the article as being under investigation by state investigators for bribery and intimidation. In return Miller is alleged to have steered $5.9 worth of earmarks to two non-profit organizations founded by Burum.

"Serving in Congress is for the purpose of serving the people not enriching those who go to serve," Liberatore responded upon hearing the latest charges. "It's been reported in the press that Gary has enriched himself by $20 million since he's gone to Congress. I've worked hard and lived the American dream for the last 20 years. I'm going to serve the people, not to enrich myself at their expense."

Liberatore is running against incumbent congressman Gary Miller, whom Liberatore says has lost touch with conservative values. The 42nd district, which stretches from Whittier in Los Angeles County to Mission Viejo in Orange County and includes parts of San Bernardino County, is one of the most conservative districts in California with a track record of electing conservative candidates. Liberatore has his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and his MBA in Finance from the University of Southern California.


  1. Mr. Liberatore,
    When are you going to get out of the race? You have run in the shadow of Mr. McGroarty since you entered the race. And here, on the day after the National Day of prayer, you pretend that somehow you had ANYTHING to do with this? You steal facts off of the McGroarty website because you're too lazy to do the work yourself, your campaign staff was too incompetent to even get you ballot statements out in all the counties of the 42nd... please do us all a favor and graciously back out of the race. Otherwise, you will single-handedly get Gary Miller re-elected and YOU will be held responsible. You're about to run out of money because of the FEC complaint and fine coming down on you for using your "IRS Problem Solver" letterhead to solicit for your campaign. Please, if you REALLY care about the people of the 42nd, withdraw from the race.

  2. aluckyday, since legally only those that have filed an FEC complaint or received the FEC complaint can have knowledge about it you must be close to the person filing it. You have only spoken in support of McGroarty so one would have to draw the conclusion that McGroarty has filed an FEC complaint against Liberatore.

  3. If you want us to post a story about it, email a copy of the complaint to

    Black out anything you don't want posted because we may publish the entire complaint.