Friday, May 7, 2010

Former US HUD Assistant Secretary Defends Rep. Gary Miller against Lee McGroarty Allegations

Former Assistant Secretary at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under President George W. Bush, and current CEO of National CORE and Hope Through Housing Foundation CEO Orlando Cabrera, has issued a statement defending Rep. Gary Miller.

Earlier this week 42nd Congressional candidate Lee McGroarty called on the San Bernardino County DA to investigate Miller for possible wrongdoing for requesting earmarks for CORE and Hope Through Housing.

Some highlights of the three page statement.

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"This is an interesting stunt: ask a state prosecutor to investigate federal contributions then allow the situation to appear as if somehow something Congressman Miller did was untoward. Although Congressman Miller recommended our applications for funding he never sat on any appropriations committee or subcommittee where approval of the appropriation is debated and decided. Just to give your readers a sense of how absurd this allegation is, it's a little bit like accusing the Lakers of cheating in a King's game."

"Mr. McGroarty is exhibiting his willingness to misuse facts..."

"It is disconcerting that Mr. McGroarty would hurl insinuations without regard or knowledge of what these organizations accomplish. I have to wonder about the future of the Republican Party if candidates like Mr. McGroarty are elected on the basis of misrepresentation of facts to constituents, misunderstanding of law, and complete mischaracterization of the legislative process. I am even more consternated that Republicans of the 42nd District would consider someone who has so fundamentally misled them under these facts to replace Congressman Miller."

"He (McGroarty) seems more inclined to dish dirt than deal with the truth. I believe the constituents of the 42nd District are smart enough to see that the road Mr. McGroarty is currently traveling is hardly the high one."

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  1. Did anyone see how much Orlando Cabrera makes a year working for non-profit?
    According to the 2008 tax return this guy is making 450,000 a year. I wonder how that guy makes that much for a non-profit? Federal Earmarks... Besides how does Miller sponsor the earmark for HUD housing and it not go through the HUD Housing committee. Besides that's a quick response in defense of a guy that didn't get you $15 million in tax payer money.