Tuesday, May 4, 2010

McGroarty Campaign takes tip from "Wag the Dog"

In 1997 there was a movie that was called Wag the Dog. The premise was a President trying to distract the public from his personal problems by trying to focus them on something else.

Yesterday we reported that 42nd Congressional candidate Lee McGroarty is being investigated by the Federal Election Commission for possible violations of the federal election code. Later in the day we reported that McGroarty had the business entity's for two of his corporations suspended by the State.

Later yesterday evening the McGroarty campaign posted a comment on his web site calling for Rep. Gary Miller to be investigated. He claims his campaign has "pieced together records, articles and actual events and have taken their case to the District Attorney’s office, asking that the possible “corruption” come to an end." McGroarty believes that Miller is someone how tied to an ongoing investigation in San Bernardino County.

It is funny that McGroarty thinks he has found something as a private citizen leading his own investigation that the Office of San Bernardino County DA Mike Ramos couldn't find over the past few years.

Seems like McGroarty was trying to find any thing he could to turn the attention from himself.

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