Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lee McGroarty Investigation Request in Daily Bulletin Article

Earlier today we posted a story about 42nd Congressional candidate Lee McGroarty requesting that the San Bernardino County District Attorney investigate Rep. Gary Miller.

The Daily Bulletin has posted an article about the request and the allegations.

McGroarty's allegation centers around earmarks Miller requested for two nonprofit organizations with ties to a campaign contributor.

The article points out the organizations have sites in the 42nd district and that other Members of Congress, from both political parties, co-sponsored the earmark requests with Miller.

Miller called the accusations by McGroarty "petty" and "childish." He went on to say, "If he wants to run to the newspaper like a little girl then go ahead. He's lucky I'm a politician or I'd sue."


  1. Lucky,
    All McGroarty attacks aside, can you at least admit that Miller has time and time again been involved in scandals that at a minimum show questionable or unethical politics? Doesn't it bother you that Burrum, one of Miller's top campaign contributors ($21,000 according to the article I think), is also linked to the SB County scandal? If you don't like McGroarty fine, but don't you agree that Miller has failed the voters and seems to never miss a chance to line his pockets?

  2. I vividly remember Lee McGroarty telling a packed crowd in Yorba Linda that the reason he was running for office was because of his "3 little girls". And I was touched by the sentiment. And now, according to Miller, that's a bad thing? What am I supposed to tell my daughter? That because she's a girl she's somehow less than the boys!? As a girl she's weak and can't defend herself like a boy!? What a sexist thing to say Gary Miller!! And what was Mr. McGroarty supposed to do with criminal evidence? Call you out into the street and fight about it "like a man!" Come on Congressman... "out of the heart, the mouth speaks".

  3. "He's lucky I'm a politician or I'd sue."? Interesting, for being a "law maker" you would think Miller would know the legal elements of slander and libel. This makes it sound like he can't sue because he is a poltician. He still can, but must know he can't win.

    I also don't appreciate his analogy to "a little girl." To me, this is the childish statement, like something you would hear on the playground in elementary school.

  4. A week or two ago, I made reference to an article regarding Gary Miller being frustrated because he hadn't been cleared in an ethics investigation but I couldn't remember where I saw it. Here is the link: http://thehill.com/homenews/house/71575-ethics-panels-slow-pace-of-probes-has-lawmakers-fuming
    Just goes to show the stink of Gary Miller's corruption has been around a lot longer than Lee McGroarty. Don't shoot the messenger Lucky!

  5. Dennis, you replied to a comment stating that no one had proof there was a current ongoing FBI investigation.

    You wrote, "I read something just the other day regarding Gary Miller being frustrated that the FBI hadn't completed the investigation or something to that effect. "

    The article you link to is a House ethics investigation. They are different.

    The article you mention writes, "Miller called for the panel to review the matter when it first surfaced in news stories five years ago. He said he even gave the panel three binders of documents about his real estate deals of his own volition.

    He never heard back from the committee, he said, and is very angry that the story is back in the news."

  6. Lucky, you are correct. I was quoting from memory and wanted to be sure that was clear. I found what article I was referring to and posted the correct link. My only reason was to point out that Gary Miller as recent as December 2009 admitted that an investigation still hadn't been resolved. There is a lot of smoke when it comes to Miller, McGroarty just pointed out some more. It's up to the DA to determine if there is fire. Either way, it seems to me that Gary Miller has a history of walking a fine line between unethical and criminal.
    If you don't mind Lucky, I'd still like an answer to my earlier question. Doesn't the connection to Burrum concern you?

  7. A donation from someone convicted of a felony concerns me. Burrum hasn't been convicted. His case hasn't even gone to trial.

    Dennis, do you think political candidates should be labeled as "unethical" if they have received political donations from people mentioned as possibly being involved in a crime before there has been a convicition?

  8. No Lucky, my references to unethical have nothing to do with Burrum...that is where the criminal part may be determined. My references to unethical stem from Miller's frequent involvement land deals in areas where he is enriching them through earmarks. My references to unethical stem from his involvement in sub-prime lending legislation that was a big part of the housing meltdown but it made billions of dollars for land developers like Miller. The fact that Burrum may be involved in bribing city/county legislators and Miller uses those same types of legislators to approve zoning changes or sales of property just raises more concerns than I already had.
    Besides, if you recall Lucky, you were quick to post on March 30, that Lee paid Erik Brown money when that story was hot. Why do you give Miller a pass for being linked to Burrum when you were so quick to question McGroarty's involvement with Brown. McGroarty at least explained his connection, let's see if Gary Miller is as quick to explain his involvement with Burrum.