Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Statement on Phil Liberatore's FEC Filing

This week we posted twice that the Phil Liberatore Campaign filed their FEC filing electronically with the FEC on April 19. That date is late, so we reported that they may be subject to a fine.

Today we received the following statement.

I am the campaign treasurer for the Liberatore for Congress Committee. I hereby inform you that our filing was submitted on-time and in compliance with FEC regulations and Federal law. We filed an electronic disk by overnight mail prior to the 11:59 pm EST 4/15/10 deadline, and filed again with the Electronic Filing Office on 4/19/10 for the convenience our FEC analyst Stephanie Shaw. Any statement to the contrary is erroneous and I must assume is made with malice toward my client. Please remove or amend your comments or I shall be forced to take legal action against this site for slander.
Louis G. Baglietto, Jr.
Campaign TreasurerLiberatore for Congress


While we understand the concerns of the Liberatore campaign, the FEC site still shows April 19 at 16:04 as the filing stamp. If that changes we will post a full retraction and change all posts related to this matter. We are simply going off of the FEC data available to the public. We don't know that the Liberatore campaign mailed something in until it is received. We stated that the Liberatore filed electronically in our posts. That is an accurate statement, the Liberatore campaign filed electronically on the 19th. Ultimately the FEC decides fines based on their information, not us.

We have made sure that every post says "may" and "if."

Hopefully this post, and our side of the story, addresses their concerns.

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