Friday, April 23, 2010

An Interview with David Su: Part 3 of 3

We were fortunate to have been able to do an email interview with 42nd Congressional candidate David Su. The past two days we posted the first two parts of the interview.

I have not edited any of Mr. Su's answers. I gave him my word that I would copy his answers just as he wrote them.

Su is challenging Rep. Gary Miller, Phil Liberatore and Lee McGroarty for the Republican nomination in the 42nd Congressional district.

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TCP: Who are you supporting in the Republican primary for Governor and US Senate? Why?

DS: No comment.

TCP: Why do you believe that you will do a better job than the 42nd's current Congressman, Gary Miller?

DS: I feel Congressman Gary Miller is not in touch with the American base anymore, let alone with his constituents. I feel he just doesn’t have passion or empathy anymore, and there are too many controversies surrounding him that creates a liability for our party. I feel his presence is not known within the communities he represents and that’s a big problem because a Congressman is more than just a person who gets elected to go to Washington to vote yay or nay. A congressman is suppose to be innovative, encouraging, and physically be present within the communities he or she represents, so that people can engage with each other to build a strong community coalition. His presence is needed badly and yet he is nowhere to be found except when election season comes around he decides to pop up here and there.

I know I will be a Congressman that will be more involved on a local level as well as national. I will be a Congressman that will have the courage to stand up against Congressional corruption, to stand out above the rest, to create laws that will actually accomplish my party’s platform of lowering taxes and limiting government. I will be a fierce advocate and a loud voice for small business and middle class America. I will be a fighter, fight for every job, every taxpayer, every American citizen. I will let my presence be known in the communities I represent, not just to the local officials, but to the people. I will be a Congressman that will be heavily involved on grassroot outreach, such as voter registration drives, local fundraisers, and will be at YR groups to encourage them, to mentor the next generation of conservative leadership. Overall, in conclusion I will be a Congressman that will not forget about my local Republican support. I will do everything I can to support them, and not remember them only when election season comes around.

Final Note:

I have innovation which Congressman Miller lacks. I look at things in a different, fresh perspective and articulate ideas in a way where it will bring Democrats to the center from the center to the far left. This will be enough for a vote, the reason being is because I always find some sort of common ground without compromising my position from going to the center.

TCP: Several of your Republican opponents have large campaign budgets. Do you believe that you will be able to raise enough money to compete? What type of budget do you have for this race?

DS: I believe I will be able to raise enough money to accomplish what I need to do.
What are you doing to help introduce yourself to voters (mailings, campaign events, walking door to door, media interviews, etc...)?

The best way is going door to door which I have been doing. I have also been going into local businesses and introducing myself as well. I’m sending out e-mails to supporters that I know and they are in return sending it out to their contacts. It’s sort of like a chain letter but in e-mail format. I am using every innovative method I possibly can.

I am in talks with Media groups to schedule a press conference which will TBD.

TCP: If elected, what will be the first bill you will introduce as Congressman Su?

DS: A tax relief bill that will give the largest tax break for small businesses and middle class America by more than 50% and a provisional clause in the bill that will also eliminate capital gains tax, the death tax, AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) and cutting the federal fuel tax by 50%. This is the ultimate stimulus package, this will help create jobs, this will jump start the economy and most important of all, this will keep things local! This will be my top priority!

TCP: One of your Republican opponents, Phil Liberatore, had his ballot designation of "IRS Problem Solver" rejected by the Secretary of State. He later lost his legal appeal. Do you think his designation should have been rejected?

DS: Yes his designation should be rejected, Mr. Liberatore should know that the law is the law and it should be respected. I don’t know why he wasted taxpayer dollars to have his day in court for something he already knew was impossible to accomplish. If he were allowed to put his ballot designation as IRS Problem Solver, than President Barack Obama would put under his ballot designation as Savior of the Universe.

TCP: Is there any thing else you would like our readers to know about you?

DS: Just know that I am running for all the right reasons which are to genuinely help people. I am not doing this for self-glorification or for self political gain. I am running as a frustrated young conservative who feels that no one is stepping up to do the right thing so it might as well be me. My mission is simple, to limit government, lower taxes, to improve the quality of life for all Americans, and most important of all, to restore America’s trust within the Republican Party! It’s time to take America back and I am urging everyone to stand with me come June 8th.

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  1. Responding to your statement on Part 2 of your interview: David, you seem like a nice young man so I'll go easy on you. But you're making the mistake so many Christians make of trying to make the word of God fit their pre-determined agenda, rather than looking at the Truth of the Word and adjusting our lives to IT. Your answer only further underscores my point. King David did not suddenly JUMP into leadership, he was groomed for YEARS. Go back and read your Bible. First, he sat in the kings court as a minstrel and saw firsthand the business of government. Then he became the right hand of the king himself as the armor bearer. Then when he became the nation's champion and the golden boy of Israel...HE STILL WASN'T READ TO LEAD! He gets thrown out of the kingdom and has to lead a rag-tag band of soldiers for YEARS. During that time he becomes A MAN. He marries, has kids, suffers defeats and victories and, more than anything, learns what it means to be responsible for someone other than himself. YOU are not there yet. But one day you will be. My hope is that you will soon realize that and throw your support behind one of the other candidates going up against Miller.