Monday, April 19, 2010

Phil Liberatore spends $112,000, files late

42nd Congressional candidate Phil Liberatore has filed his 1st quarter FEC forms four days late. His filing showed he raised $15,911, loaned his campaign $100,000 and spent $112,340. He has $3,570 cash on hand.

Liberatore electronically filed four days late. His form shows it was filed April 19. According to the FEC the fine for filing four days late, and having a "level of activity" between $200,00 and $249,999, is $1,800. According to the FEC there are no exemptions for filing late.

If found by the FEC to be filing late, it will give Liberatore's opponents a campaign issue because a FEC fine is a BIG deal. Also it is not something you want to see on a campaign mailing and in newspaper articles.

Liberatore is challenging Rep. Gary Miller, Lee McGroarty and David Su for the Republican nomination in the 42nd Congressional district.


  1. I am the campaign treasurer for the Liberatore for Congress Committee. I hereby inform you that our filing was submitted on-time and in compliance with FEC regulations and Federal law. We filed an electronic disk by overnight mail prior to the 11:59 pm EST 4/15/10 deadline, and filed again with the Electronic Filing Office on 4/19/10 for the convenience our FEC analyst Stephanie Shaw. Any statement to the contrary is erroneous and I must assume is made with malice toward my client. Please remove or amend your comments or I shall be forced to take legal action against this site for slander.
    Louis G. Baglietto, Jr.
    Campaign Treasurer
    Liberatore for Congress

  2. We reported the date from the website. Today it still reads filed on April 19.

    This document shows it was time stamped on April 19, at 16:04.

  3. If the filing date changes we will post a full retraction.