Thursday, April 29, 2010

Update:Conservative Party of California comments on Lee McGroarty Broken Campaign Pledge

We received a comment claiming to be H. Michael Hervey, President of the Conservative Party of California, commenting on Lee McGroarty breaking his Conservative Party pledge to post all campaign donations online. The IP address used to post the comment seems to confirm it is legit. It can be found below.

What is funny is that it claims McGroarty has complied with the "Spirit of the Pledge," but will adhere to the "Letter of the Pledge," once he adds more staff. It took us less than 10 minutes to post all of his donations that he reported to the FEC, but he needs to hire staff to add that information. We first pointed out this broken pledge nearly three months ago but apparently no one involved in the campaign can find 15 minutes to post the donations. I guess the Liberatore campaign is worse off than we thought because apparently they have not been able to find any campaign volunteers.

Also, how did he comply with the "Spirit of the Pledge," if he hasn't posted anything? The pledge is to post all donations online, so it is pretty straightforward.

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I want to thank all the concerned citizens of California for their new-found concern for the ethics and operations of our state’s candidates for elected office. It is refreshing and long overdue. We must ensure that the “politics as usual” is not practiced any longer. That’s what the Conservative Party (CA) requires from incumbents and challengers who wish our endorsement.

As such, the Conservative Party (CA) remains proud to endorse Lee McGroarty in his primary race for the District 42. McGroarty signed our Candidate’s Pledge which requires him to post contributions to his website within 48 hours. The general purpose of that Pledge is to ensure a Candidate is transparent with respect to donations and campaign funds. The key word is “transparent”, not “48 hours”. That means Lee complied with the Spirit of the Pledge as intended. He is also working to add staff to comply with the Letter of the Pledge. We wish all incumbents (and their supporters and bloggers) were as diligent in following the law and maintaining the trust of their constituents.

The Conservative Party (CA)’s Pledge is a moral and ethical guideline; it is not a legally binding document required by any state or federal law. Most of the current crop of Republican and Democrat incumbents in Congress have demonstrated little inclination to follow legally binding laws, let alone any basic ethical or moral guidelines. Hence America’s current state of decline, huge debt and continued abuse of tax payers funds with Pork and Earmarks.

The Conservative Party is confident that Lee McGroarty will help rectify those abuses, notwithstanding this petty, ineffective, “politics as usual” attack.
H. Michael Hervey
President,Conservative Party (California)

Update 1:10pm: The McGroarty campaign has the comment from Mr. Hervey on their website, so we know it is legitimate.

I guess the McGroarty campaign has enough time to post stories like that but still not enough to keep their pledge.


  1. I predict we will never see the list. McGroarty obviously doesn't want to do it and the so called "conservative" party seems to not care.

  2. When I was looking at the Miller stuff on McGroarty's website. He has posted under "Campaign Information" all of his FEC filings. So I guess that's why the Conservative Party posted their response.

  3. Everyone can already see his FEC filings on the FEC website. The pledge was to post all donations. The FEC only requests the campaign to post donations over $200. If all he has on his site is FEC filings than McGroarty still isn't keeping the pledge.

    The Conservative Party response, posted yesterday, said McGroarty is "working to add staff to comply with the Letter of the Pledge." That means he hadn't done it when they issued their response. So, obviously McGroarty posted his filings after he posted this story.

  4. Lucky, why is it that you continue to attack political neophytes like Liberatore and McGroarty for minor misteps, but yet give the 10 year veteran, Miller, a free pass on his continued abuse of office and betrayal of the voters of the 42nd district. Miller is a first class crook, but you let him slide on his support of the bailouts and an attendence record that would make a high school dropout envious. However, if Liberatore misspeaks on "emminent domain" or McGroarty doesn't post every $10 pledge you want to critize them. Maybe you should just change your alias from Lucky Day to Gary Miller. Is there anything that Miller can do that will get you to condemn his actions?

  5. Is Lee still in the race? We are almost a month out and I haven't seen ANYTHING from him. This is all a moot point.