Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lee McGroarty breaks Campaign Pledge

In February we reported that the Conservative Party of California had endorsed 42nd Republican Congressional candidate Lee McGroarty. As part of that endorsement McGroarty signed a pledge.

The beginning of the pledge reads, "I (Candidate) hereby agree to adhere to the following stipulations in order to gain the endorsement of and/or support from the Conservative Party (California), hereinafter referred to as PARTY. As a Candidate for elected Office, I pledge to:"

Line 5 of the pledge reads, "Accept funds or contributions only from individual US citizens and PAC’s or corporations or groups specifically approved by the PARTY. I will immediately disclose all contributions/donations to my PAC for review by the PARTY within 48 hours of receipt. If deemed not acceptable, all such funds will be returned to the contributors with explanation. I further pledge to post all donations on my website."

In February we pointed out that McGroarty did not have his campaign donations listed online as he pledged to do. Lee McGroarty himself replied to our post so he obviously read the story. Now, two months later he still refuses to list his campaign donations as he pledged.

A candidate must disclose to the FEC, and the public, any donations over $200. McGroarty has done that, so we can see who has given more than $200 to him. However, we don't know who has given under $200.

One has to wonder why we should believe his pledges of what he will do if elected to Congress, if he is already breaking his pledges as a candidate.

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