Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Liberatore on Rick Amato Show

If you missed Phil Liberatore on last night's Rick Amato Show on KCBQ AM 1170 in San Diego you can listen to the podcast by going to the shows website.

Some highlights:

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Rick mentioned that Maricopa County (AZ) Sheriff Joe Arpaio has endorsed Phil Liberatore.

Phil talked about Rep. Gary Miller's land deal in Monrovia. He said, "he (Miller) used his influence on a city council meetings. It's on tape. And he's asking the city council please buy my land and he bought it under eminent domain." I couldn't find any news article or source that Miller used eminent domain to buy this land so I think he made an incorrect statement.

At the beginning while talking about why he was running against Miller, Phil said, "He (Miller) co-sponsored the bill with Barney Frank," but didn't mention what "the bill" was.

Said after those two statements, "doesn't show any conservative values in my eyes."

Phil said Miller has the 14th worst attendance record in Congress. "He has such a fat job over there, he doesn't even show up for work."

He talked about his business and background including being an ordained Four Square pastor. He said " I honor God in everything that I do and say."

Liberatore is challenging Rep. Gary Miller, David Su and Lee McGroarty for the Republican nomination in the 42nd Congressional district.



    I found this with a simple google search.

  2. Frank, none of these articles say Miller used eminent domain to buy the land. Liberatore said of Miller,"he's asking the city council please buy my land and he bought it under eminent domain." These articles state Miller claims the city threatened to take his land using eminent domain.

    Liberatore implies Miller bought the land using eminent domain. Liberatore's statement is incorrect.

  3. Frank,
    Your article about the Barney Frank bill is appreciated but my point was that Liberatore didn't mention what the bill was on the radio. He simply said, "He (Miller) co-sponsored the bill with Barney Frank."

    Listeners don't get to read an article from 2008 like I do to understand what he meant.

  4. You are miss understanding it my friend. Miller said that the land was purchased from him by the city using eminent domain protecting him (Gary) from having to pay taxes on the profit made from the sale. The city denied that they used eminent domain.

  5. I understand fine. We agree on what the issues are.

    My point in the post and the comments is that Liberatore did not say that. He said,"he (Miller) bought it under eminent domain." Liberatore's statement is incorrect.

    I don't see how you can say your explanation and Liberatore's quote are the same description.

  6. So his campaign threatens to sue this blog for slander when a government site is the source of the information, then he goes on a radio show and says Miller "bought it under eminent domain." Outrageous!

    He also needs to get his facts straight about a so called "FBI investigation." The FBI doesn't comment on these types of cases, so how does Phil know that? All I could find is a Washington Post article that said in early 2007 FBI agents interviewed some city employees. So is Phil just making it up when he tells a radio audience that Miller is being investigated? Don't you think he would have been indicted now, or at least more people would have been interviewed, if there was an active investigation.

    I think Miller needs to sue Phil for slander. You can't just do a radio show and make up facts.

  7. Ducks Fan, I hadn't thought about the investigation comments but you make a good point. We probably would have heard something by now if the FBI was still investigating.

  8. I read something just the other day regarding Gary Miller being frustrated that the FBI hadn't completed the investigation or something to that effect. I tried to find the link again, but wasn't able to locate it. CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington)shows the following:
    Representative Gary Miller (R-CA):
    • Under Investigation by: The Department of Justice.
    • Under Investigation for: Rep. Miller is under investigation for failing to pay capital
    gains taxes after he claimed he was forced to sell his land to two cities under eminent
    domain, allegations both cities have denied.14
    • Status: In the first quarter of 2009, Rep. Miller paid about $12,000 in legal fees.15 The
    status of the investigation is unknown.
    • Link to CREW’s Most Corrupt Profile:

  9. I was looking at the campaign websites. McGroarty does a much better job of detailing all the Miller BS. It seems to explain the scandals, missed votes, and poor decisions pretty well.

  10. Dennis, your link to "CREW's Most corrupt Profile" says "Access denied
    You are not authorized to access this page."

  11. Dennis,
    I found a page about Miller.

    The citation for a DOJ investigation is from 2007.

    Heisel, Los Angeles Times, Jan. 31, 2007.