Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The List of Possible Political Drop Outs

With three more days of candidate filing left I thought I would look at the list of candidates who may be rethinking their plans.

Below are individuals who took out signature in-lieu (SIL) forms to lower the cost of the filing fee, but have not yet pulled nomination papers. Nomination papers must be filed to place your name on the ballot.

Maybe they are just waiting until the last minute, but this could also be the first indication of a possible drop out.

42nd (Gary Miller)
Lee McGroarty-Rep
Louie Contreras-Dem

State Senate
32nd (Gloria Negrete-McLeod)
Earl De Vries-Rep

State Assembly
72nd (Chris Norby)
James Gerbus-Rep (pulled, but never returned SIL forms)
Brian Lee Cross-Lib

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